Men’s clothing mistakes-People think that it is effortless to shop for a man. The options may be less than women clothing, but the details are surely not. You may mess up your whole look with some subtle details, and that is what I am here to prevent. If you guys want to keep a distance from these fashion mistakes, then this article is written entirely for you. Here is a proper little list of things that many men do not know of, and thus the mistakes they make in the field of fashion.

Men’s clothing mistakes

Sleeves that cover the wristwatch

Men's clothing mistakes This is for all the guys out there who like to wear wristwatches. Do not wear a wristwatch and then roll your sleeves all the way down. Firstly, if your sleeves are rolled up, it makes it easier for you to keep track of time. Secondly, wristwatches, if worn with sleeves down, will create a bump at your wrist which does not look pretty. Even without wristwatches, some looks demand that you do roll up your sleeves.

Prints on T-shirts

Men's clothing mistakes The thing with printed shirts is that they come and go out of style very quickly. Plus, a plain white shirt on dark blue jeans will look much classier than a printed one. Also, if you are putting on a jacket or a shirt over your t-shirt, then it is a golden rule to wear a plain t-shirt inside.

T-shirts with long sleeves

Tees with sleeves that reach your elbow will not look good on you. Leave them for the music videos, rappers and dancers only. This trend of t-shirts with long sleeves is kind of odd as it does not look good on most men. Next time you go out shopping, make sure to purchase the tees which have sleeves that are no lower than the middle of your forearm.

Wearing suspenders and a belt at the same time

Seriously guys? This does not even need an explanation. The suspenders and belts, both have the same purpose, so why overdo it? If you are planning to wear a belt, then there is no place for suspenders and vice-versa.


Wrinkled clothing

Again, seriously guys? *laughs* I know ironing can sometimes seem to be the hardest of the chores, but believe me when I say that nothing else gives you a more neat and clean look than a properly ironed shirt. Wrinkled clothes give you a very unprofessional and sloppy look which you do not want.

Buttoned-up jacket

Buttoning up your suit jacket is only deemed proper when you have a jacket with only one button or when you are being awarded. In other cases, you want to unbutton all the lower buttons. Remember to unbutton your jacket when you sit down.

Stuffed pockets

So there are many men’s clothing mistakes that can spoil their gorgeous look. One of these ways is stuffing your pocket with a dozen things, and making a massive bulge out of your pocket. In a typical case scenario, a man carries his keys, smartphone and a wallet, which I agree, are necessary. What you can do to prevent this bulge is that you can carry only the important ones of the keys and carry credits cards instead of a wallet stuffed with cash.

Wearing only black suits all the time

I know black suits look as classy as it can get but there are many other colours available around you which you can try. Do not confine yourself only to black and experiment with other classic colours such as navy blue, brown etc. However, do not go way too crazy with it and opt for a shiny fabric. Keep it simple and keep it stylish. Did you make any of these mistakes before? If yes, then it’s okay because experimenting is good, but it is important to gain some knowledge about different styles before going all Einstein on your outfits. Did you find the answers to some of your questions? If yes, then share it with your bros to share and spread the word.