Unnecessary Cosmetic Products on Which You are Wasting Way too Much Money


Useless beauty products you should not buy. Cosmetic commercials influence us way too much nowadays. They play with our insecurities and convince us that these products are a key to every problem that we face. But the case is that there is not that much of a problem, to begin with. The cosmetics-business is too widespread, and the commercials have too deep an impact on our mind. Sometimes they try all means to sell all such products that we do not even need. I am here today to point out some of these products that do not have an essential role, and you can get rid of them right away.

Here is the list of useless beauty products.

Big eyeshadow palettes

Useless beauty products we waste our money on

The big colourful palettes of eyeshadows in the cosmetics store attract us way too much than they should. The thing about it is that you may think that the palette you are going home with will provide a vast variety of colours but the reality is that we end up not using most of the colours.

Buy a high-quality palette with 7-10 different shades that you like. You can always mix and match to give your makeup a sexy twist.

Shampoo for “all hair types.”

Useless beauty products we waste our money on

How many times have you heard of these shampoos which claim to suit all hair types? It does seem to be a right choice for us because hello, didn’t you see that commercial with the woman having gorgeous hair just because of this product? But here is a fact for you; all these “multitasking” shampoos can leave you with dandruff and overdried hair.

What you can do is to buy shampoo that suits your hair type, and you need to stick to that only.

Huge set of brushes

Okay, so how should I put this: unless you want to go a darn Picasso on your face do not buy a bundle of 25-30 brushes. You might think that all the brushes may come handy sometimes or the other but that is not the case, because mostly we do not need such a huge collection of brushes and most of us do not even know the uses of all those brushes.

Unless you are a makeup artist, you do not need a big collection of brushes, rather go for a kit of 10-12 professional brushes.

Body and lip scrubs

All these scrubs may ensure you the softest of the skin possible, but the reality of these products is that most of them are made out of readily available ingredients like honey, coffee, salt and olive oil. You can easily make a natural scrub at home.

Natural scrub recipes are easily available online, so try those instead of these expensive scrubs.

Bottom eyelash mascara

So as long as any product is placed in that beauty aisle, girls will purchase everything that these manufacturers have to offer. To earn some extra cash they came up with the idea of bottom eyelash mascaras but ladies; it’s not a thing for God’s sake.

You can use the simple mascara for both upper and lower eyelashes.

Anti-ageing serums

Okay, so once and for all, I am going to break this down; no magical cream can flatten your wrinkles from the inside as it cannot reach to deepest layers of your skin. The big price tag on it does not suggest that it will indeed work.

Use moisturisers instead and some other supplements that are way more useful for your skin than these anti-wrinkle creams.

Creams for dark circles

Dark circles have many causes that these mere beauty creams cannot tackle. They may help you cover these circles a tad bit only. But in most cases, they are of no help. If the cause of dark circles is lack of sleep, then it is better to get some rest than to rush to a cosmetic store.

You cannot make dark circles diminish unless you know its cause, and when you do come to know of it make sure to tackle the cause and the dark circles will leave you alone.

Moisturising hair masks

Without treating your hair follicles, there ain’t any other way to make your hair healthy and get rid of the split ends. These masks will make brushing your hair a little easier.

See a stylist. If you want to improve the quality of your hair, then see a doctor.

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A conditioner that doesn’t need washing off

Conditioners make your hair smooth and soft, and this conditioner is no different in that case. It will give you the smooth texture that you want, but it is not going to improve the quality of your hair. If quality is your concern, then you can make homemade masks for your hair or have the right supplements. This conditioner will not help you gain back the strength or improve the quality of your hair.

You want to buy a regular conditioner, and that is just the right way. If you’re going to improve the quality of your hair, you need to fix an appointment with a specialist.

Shower gel

A shower gel is not always the way to go, ladies. It will only destroy and weaken the protective layer and be leaving the hair dried. You need to be careful while buying these gels as you do not want to mess with the health of your hair. You might even need a special soap.

Do not use cheap quality of shower gels as it will significantly affect your hair in the worst possible ways. Buy high-quality moisturising soap or shower gel.

Did you find this article useful? Which products are you going to get rid of, after reading the information above? Spend your money on the right products because even the good products cost very much. So you do not want to dump your hard-earned cash on some of these unnecessary products. Also, if you know any other products that do not play a major role, then please mention them in the comments below because such products are abundant in the market. You will only be helping your folks.

For more informative articles, stay tuned and get all the remedies that you need.