Before moving on to the article’s topic, you must first understand who the cappers are. Cappers are sports analysts and sports betting professionals. For them, betting is not entertainment and a way to take a break from the hustle and bustle with the opportunity to win money, but the main income. Most often, cappers give their advice on sports disciplines and predictions for matches for a fee online. They analyze the probability of a team or athlete winning in many ways: the strengths and weaknesses of the participants in the match, the physical and psychological state, matches played before, the quality of the field, the weather, and so on. That is, it is a complex analysis and calculation of many probabilities, which allows the better to give fairly accurate match results.

All these tips should not be taken as a financial recommendation or a call to action!

You should pay attention to some nuances when choosing a bookmaker. For example, many purchased fake reviews on the Internet do not correspond to reality. And an inexperienced player will never distinguish a real post from a fake one. Visit a page with the top-rated Indian betting websites, and you can easily understand everything and choose the right bookmaker for yourself.

Excitement has no place in the betting.

If you want to make money in sports, then, as Cappers advise, drop the excitement. In this case, only a cold and accurate calculation of all probabilities is needed. The danger of excitement is that the player, having lost the bet, tries to recoup emotions. Even if he had controlled himself before and made an accurate bet, a loss can deprive him of his unconscious mind and make him act recklessly. The most dangerous is gambling in accumulators (several bets on several different events, where bets must win all bets to pass) because if in ordinary totals (a bet on a certain event, for example, more or less than three goals scored in a match) or bets on the exact score (for example, three goals in a match), relying on luck, you will lose only one bet, then you will merge the entire series in the accumulator.

Minimum of multi bets

And indeed, it is. As mentioned above, an accumulator is a series of bets combined into a total bet. To win, each of the bets must play. For example, you bet on football, an express bet on three matches between teams A and B, C and D, D and E. Bets in matches between teams A and B and C and D have played. You are already rubbing your hands in anticipation of the jackpot, but teams D and E did not play the way you bet. As a result, all bets are lost. Therefore, even experienced cappers do not bet on parlays with more than three matches. If you want to make money on sports, bet on over/under totals. Such bets allow you to earn money and, at the same time, do not require such in-depth analysis as parlays. An example of a total “over”: is a football match, teams A and B play, and the odds are 1.8:2.6. You have chosen a total “over,” in which team A will score more than two goals in a match and the odds for this event are 1.4 since the probability of such an outcome is high. Team A scores three goals – your bet has played.

Plan your bank wisely.

The pot is the total amount you can spend on bets. The bank is divided into several parts, which go to separate rates or expresses. We agree with the judgment of the cappers, but it is better to allocate no more than 10% of the monthly income to the bank, at least while you are a beginner. In order not to drain the entire pot for one bet, it is worth dividing it into 5-10 equal parts. If you merge a bet, you will have money left for other bets.

Choose a legal bookmaker.

All these bookmakers that pester us with their advertisements are completely bottom. They don’t pay (or you need to beat their technical support to at least withdraw their money, not to mention the ones won), block accounts – in short, they throw money at them, and they won’t get anything for it, because they are not registered as official betting shops. Therefore, when choosing a bookmaker, look at its legality and read reviews. Of course, this is not a 100% elimination of the risk of running into a scam, but it reduces the likelihood of such an outcome to almost a minimum. How to find a reliable bookmaker was said at the beginning of the article.

Play live

Lives are the easiest way for a beginner to raise the pot since the bet does not require careful analysis and is enough to assess the match’s situation correctly. If you want to raise some money, for example, in football, place a live bet in the 85th minute. Five minutes before the end of the match, flashy events such as scoring passes or free kicks leading to a goal rarely occur, so the probability of passing the bet is quite high. A good option for honing your sports betting skills.