Must Try These 7 Beautiful Versions Of Ponytail


A ponytail is the simplest style which you often do when you don’t know what else to do? But with a little twist and modification, this style can be converted into a beautiful and amazing style.

Here we bring you the seven most beautiful and gorgeous pony style to try one for each day to complete your overall look.

Sectioned Pony:

Make a circle around the top of your head and convert this into a ponytail. Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic band to hide it. Do the same with the rest of the hairs. This will add some volume to your hair.

Braided Pony:

Comb your hair properly and make a high ponytail, secure it with the help of the 2-3 elastic band. Make sure to loosen up your hair. Braid the hairs to the last and loosen up your braid to add some casual effect to the ponytail.

Layered Pony:

Take a large chunk of hair from the front side of your head and tie them back as if you are doing a half up style, now flip this layers twice or thrice to create a twisty look. Repeat the same with the lower section of your hair. this will give you a frizzy and casual look.

Twisted Pony:

Take a large chunk of hair to the left side of your hair and twist it into a ponytail. Twist the hair that left backward, loosens it every time to add some volume to the hair. Wrap this around the clip and with the help of bobby pins, set the twisted style in place.

Mohawk Pony:

Friday is an awesome day, and for this day you must want something little crazier and funkier, then this ponytail is best for you. Braid the topmost layer of your hair and tie them at the back. Loose up the hair and the braid too into a ponytail.

Extra Volume Pony:

Must try this double ponytail style for an awesome Saturday. Make your top hair into a ponytail by pulling it to the crown to add some volume. Flip this over your head so that you can work with the rest of your hair.

Knotted Pony:

Bring two strands of your hair from the top to the back of your head, loop them around the bulk of your hair in a knot. Secure it with the help of pins or clips under your hair, Repeat until the whole hair has been knotted.

If you still encounter with some problem, must have a look at the tutorial video down below.

YouTube video