This Girl Has Made A Nail Polish Mountain With 100 Coats!


Nail Polish Mountain With 100 Coats-There is no limit to creativity, and the beauty industry prides itself on its ability to break the barrier and create masterpieces constantly. In the recent days, the latest fad has been layering of make-up products and MUAs are more than thrilled to have their take on this “100 layers Make-up challenge”. One of the most popular nail artist on Instagram with 31k followers, @amirunails valiantly stepped up to the challenge of applying 100 layers of nail polish on herself while creating a record. Besides this “nail-onumental” achievement, her page displays an impressive multifarious entourage of designs that will hook you in, for sure!

Check out the nail polish mountain that took 5 hours and 43 minutes to make, down below:

Nail Polish Mountain With 100 Coats

The Spring Bling!!!

Are you looking to incorporate the Spring into your wardrobe without the flash? Then opt for this low key nail art infused with the essence of spring. It will definitely add the spring in your steps!!

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Jingle Nails All The Way!

Make sure to ring in the wintry festivities with these jazzy nails, because rest assured they will add the ‘oomph’ factor to your splendid ensemble.

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Tricks, Treats and Nails

Halloween demands you to be your creative best when it comes to fashion and when you’re under the strict scrutiny of the fashion spirits, you just cannot afford to be anything but the best. This nail design speaks spooky and can go along with whatever you’re channelling be it “Witches of the West Side” or Donald Trump.