Different Nail Design Ideas With Glitter And Sparkles


Nail designs with glitter and sparkle -Leopard prints, mirror finish, glittery mosaics, 3D-motifs have gradually taken over our hands and translates as one of the powerful wands in the beauty box. In the recent runways of fashion accessorizing the nails has become more than a pellucid style statement. The evolution of nails as a fashion statement has seen a significant upsurge from square monochromes to the baroque piercings.

China hosts an exciting tale of talons in its rich and opulent history where nail paints served the purpose of the class markers. While the lower classes donned on lighter shades, the higher class flaunted long, vibrant red nails. With the change of dynasties, the people took to a more personal approach while stylising their talons with silver and gold dust.

Instagram has long been the Mecca for all beauty enthusiasts with its varied and ample choice of styling tutorials, and Lorna Andrews, an Instagram star from London with more than 41k followers, comes to the rescue for all nail art enthusiast with her stunning tutorials.

Note: Though the tutorial is shown on long nails, it can be implemented with any length of the nail.

Nail designs with glitter and sparkle

Nail designs with glitter and sparkle

To start off, make sure your nails are suitably shaped; conical to squared to coffined or rounded almond anything that suits your fancy.

The next step is choosing the right polishes or colours that you want to flaunt off of your nails.

Lorna here has chosen this beguiling hue of blue and purple to give it a glam vibe. You can substitute the regular transparent nail polish to nail strengtheners, which is an antidote to the brittleness and the calcium, camphor and hydrolyzed wheat protein helps in nourishing your talons.

The charm is in the individuality! Now, how many times have we heard this?! Treat your nails as your playground and go wild with your brush. You can choose anything that strikes you, the more different it is, the better. But remember to add in the glitters!

The video attached below will further aid in your quest to achieve the most beautiful nails.As much as the shape of the nail is entitled to personal choices, the square-shaped nail has been a mass favourite. It is a quintessential recipe for sophistication and edge.

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Though yellow is quite a sassy colour, over the years, it has gained a reputation of being associated with deception and envy. Regardless of the infamy, yellow has been a fashion favourite and is often a dominant choice for nail art. So go ahead and make yellow your fellow!!

If you’re still sceptical of choosing yellow as your colour, then let me remind you that yellow is often attributed to joy, zeal, confidence and opulence and further addition of the glitters adds to the enchantment of it.

All the glam contained in the glitz!

Flower sprinkles and glitter oozes the spring vibe like anything, and this gorgeous nail design hits the bull’s eye at that!

The World at your feet and Rainbows on your Fingertips!

A little pampering goes a long way, and @ninjanailfairy is your genie who can nail all your manicure desires. This design focuses on the glitters, simple figurines and a splash of colours which results in having the stars and moon on your tips, literally!!

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If low-key is your vibe, then this crystal embed, 3D figurines nail art is just the thing for you. The mirror-finished vibe with the chunky glitters is the cherry on top. Trust me, when I say that you will only draw in praises for this!


The Scarlet Affair!

If red is your colour and you want to get out of the monotony of the plain, old classic red then have a look at this nail art below. Bejewelled with crystals and red holo tinsels this masterpiece radiates nothing short of regality and jazz!