Check Out 4 Natural Healthy Hair Tips From India


Natural healthy hair tips-Women look beautiful with their excellent features. Here features means their facial looks. If we go to our past stories, then we will see that people generally say that women of India are best known to maintain their hair growth.

The growth of a person gets affected by the diet and care that we need to take care when it comes to the turn of our body. The whole world will say that they had admired many numbers of women from India and they are having best hair growth, thick shiny, and healthy. Indian ladies mainly let their hair flowing free, or they put braids. Their braids are very thick.

But everyone asks them for the secret behind having such hair type as they do not apply expensive things and products on their hair. Even Indians do not use any chemical laden products on their hair so that they grow such big and thick hair. But don’t worry we have brought some secrets of Indin ladies for you so that you can also build big and thick hair too.

Here Are The 4 Natural Healthy Hair Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy

First tip:

Check Out 4 Natural Healthy Hair Tips From India

The growth of the body depends upon the diet you eat. Provide your body what it needs. The primary requirement for the hair growth is nutrition and hydration. Keep your body always hydrated that will not cause your hair to dry up.

Dry hair falls very often, and hence the volume decreases. Your hair needs proteins to grow. So you need to eat protein-rich food. Eat the balanced diet with healthy fats. If you will stop eating proteins, then the building blocks of your hair fall and hence leads to hair loss.

If you do not intake healthy fats, then your scalp becomes dry. India is a country with a wide variety of food that is rich in Vitamins, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The food available is impressive with the number of flavours and things that are needed for the hair growth. You should hang a chart for the balanced diet and follow it correctly.

Second tip:

We know it is hot these summers and so we feel washing our hair every day. We sweat every minute which causes foul smell from our hair. But for you, we recommend not to use daily shampoo on your hair.

Shampoos are full of chemicals and overuse of which can also lead to the hair growth. It diminishes natural oil present in your hair and hence causes the hair to fall and dryness in your scalp. Oiling is a must before washing your hair which protects your hair loss.

Oil provides thickness and shines to your hair and hair become beautiful. Shampoo your hair after few days. Keep them natural and gentle for some time. You can also go for a homemade shampoo like that of citrus peels or Indian gooseberries, or use Castile soap. We can also use them both. You need to try it once.

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Third tip:

After shampoo, your hair will lose nutrition, and hence you need to provide nourishment to them. Diet for our hair is the conditioner. Condition your hair in the right manner. If your hair becomes dry, they will break and hence they lose shine and brittle.

Moisturize them evenly to make it look best. Well, according to the tradition of Indian ladies, they use coconut oil for oiling their hair or the sesame seed oil for your hair. Massage your hair with the oil such that your scalp will not get dry.

We recommend you to use homemade conditioners for this purpose. They are the best remedy.

Fourth tip:

We use many chemical dyes to colour our hair. But the natural dye is the best for this purpose. If you wash with the artificial dyes, then your hair will lose the physical strength and shine.

Your hair will also become brittle and frizzy. Use homemade henna based dye for colouring which will not lead to hair damage and keeps the natural strength of your hair.

There is no additive present in the henna-based dyes. But henna is limited with the colour it gives. We recommend you to use that one. That will not harm your scalp surface.