What Your Ear Shape Says About You


what ear shape says about you? Various parts of our bodies are mirrors to our souls, not our eyes. From the lines that decorate your fingers to the formation of our toes, these reveal certain aspects of our personalities. For instance, unknown to most people is that our ear shape shows a lot about who we are. The figure below displays the variety of ear shapes that may look like yours. Figure out which one matches yours the most, and read on to know more about yourself.

What ear shape says about you

what ear shape says about you

1. Attached Lobe

The attached earlobe is one of the most common types that you may see on people. However, the temperaments within this shape may vary from an individual to another. People with the same form may possess different qualities from one another.

Some may be loving and warm, with a gentle and welcoming heart for others. You have a natural ability to empathise with other people and understand their situations. That is why you accept them for who they are, out of pure affection and love.

On the other hand, some may appear arrogant because of their nature to trust their instincts more than anything else. They are spontaneous and it often borderlines on impulse. They are also very meticulous and picky, whether about what to wear or with whom to become friends.

2. Broad Lobe

People with full ear shapes are the meme lovers and masters, always eager for a good joke or two and genuinely loves smiling and laughing. They’re very chill and relaxed. Their laid-back attitude and their impeccable sense of humour make them the perfect comedians because they don’t mind laughing at themselves too. Sarcasm is another characteristic of these people, but that proves their charming wit goes along well with their love of all things fun.

3. Narrow Ear Shape

Narrow-eared people are reserved and secretive. They usually introverts, satisfied with the peace of being alone and avoiding the hustle and bustle of the social world around them. Usually calm and cool people, they are not ones who engage in loud arguments or cause a scene. Instead, they keep to themselves unless necessary.

Moreover, while discussions aren’t mainly their thing, when they do speak up, their ideas are creative and substantial. They know who to talk to, and they usually reserve their quirkiness for people who appreciate them.

4. Pointed Ears

Contrary to popular belief, these people aren’t elves, but they are alert and observant creatures. They are also very sharp and witty, meaning that they are rarely outsmarted. Additionally, they have an incredibly keen eye for details. They can eat a meal and almost taste every flavour and ingredient. Take them to a gallery, and they notice every line and curve of the displays. While reading, they’ll pay attention to every word, knowing that each term conveys meaning.

However, it is their meticulousness that makes them perfectionists. Because they pay remarkable attention to details, they tend to get a bit O.C., but that only emphasises their tenacity and expertise in the organisation. They don’t usually like short-cuts because that would mean that they’d have to diminish the quality. Instead, they’ll stick to the process, no matter how long.

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5. Round Lobe

People with round lobes are very loyal. They are genuinely helpful and kind towards those who have earned their trust. Proving yourself an ally of these people would be very beneficial because they can dedicate themselves just to be by your side. However, betraying them would cost you dearly because that’s what they hate most.

What they value highly is trust, but that doesn’t mean they are gullible. They know how to assess trustworthy comrades. They are the types who believe in the goodness of people around them, but while they can forgive easily, they never forget. Once you crossed the line, enough is enough.

6. Square Ear

Square-eared people are rare and remarkable. They have an imagination that goes a long way, making them the visionaries of the world. With just their minds, they tend to create worlds of their own. However, they don’t just let anyone in. It takes an incredibly unique person to share the world of people with square ears.
They are born thinkers and innovators, so they usually prefer to think alone. With an imagination like theirs, a profession in the arts or science would be good. Their visions of the world are unique and creative because they don’t pay attention to the usual trivialities.

7. Sticking Out

If you have ears like these, then chances are, you are weird. Don’t get me wrong. I mean weird in a good way. That means that you are a rare breed, effortlessly unique. People can spot you from miles away, doing maybe weird things, but that’s what makes you, you. You stand out from the crowd, and that’s what’s so remarkable about you.
You see the world through another lens, so your thinking, actions, and words are special. That’s also why you find it hard to explain your ideas to people because they don’t always get what you mean. But don’t worry, there are those who find you interesting and appreciate you for who you are.