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Singaporeans who subscribe to Netflix can watch movies and television series instantly over the Internet. The service requires no cables, satellite dishes, or other hardware; however, viewers will need a fast Internet connection (at least 2 megabits per second) to avoid viewing interruptions.

As of 2009, there are about 100 million subscribers worldwide for this movie streaming service. Popularity has grown so much that the company now has its own Emmy Award category called “Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for best-of-web TV.”

“Netflix CEO Reed Hastings won nine awards last night at the Primetime Emmys for House of Cards, which was nominated six times including Outstanding Drama Series. Yes, the TV show won as well as its star Kevin Spacey — but we also know that much of this success is because Netflix in Singapore Made the right decision to jump into original programming and then jumped in with both feet.” (Source: Reuters )

The service has no commercials and gives viewers complete control over what they watch and when they watch it. Members can begin watching a movie or television series immediately after clicking play. They may also pause, rewind, or fast-forward at any time. Viewers have access to numerous titles from all genres including animation, sci-fi, comedy, foreign films, documentaries, independent films, horror films, classics, dramas, telefilms, action, adventure movies, westerns, and romance movies.

The only way to view titles on the service is over the Internet. So, people who do not have any other means of viewing television or movies (such as cable, satellite dishes, TV sets without access to the Internet) cannot enjoy Netflix.

Does Singapore allow access to this website?

Yes, this website is accessible in Singapore. This is because there are no laws that block access to it.

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Saving money. Pay once to gain access to all titles for as long as you continue your subscription. Commercial-free experience: Viewers get their entertainment faster and more conveniently than with regular television or movie rental services which typically have lots of commercials and charge a fee each time you rent a video. More convenience: Renting videos from traditional places such as brick and mortar stores can be very inconvenient because of late fees, limited copies available, crowded stores, etcetera.

Convenience: Netflix lets viewers watch movies anywhere they want at any time that works best for them instead of having to depend on others. For example, parents do not need to worry about children renting inappropriate videos late at night when they are not supervising them. On the other hand, parents may feel that this is counterproductive to building family relationships if their children can watch something else anytime they want instead of spending quality time with them.


A limited number of titles: Netflix has fewer individual titles than do traditional video rental services which both have and keep a larger collection in stock for immediate viewing. Decreasing viewership: Some people who subscribe to cable or satellite TV do so because they like watching certain channels and programs that are not available through Netflix.

Programs from companies such as Viacom may not be accessible due to licensing agreements between these companies and the service providers from which viewers currently get their access (cable, satellite dish, etc.). This means that if you are currently using one of these services, your only option for viewing programs and movies from companies such as Viacom ( MTV, Comedy Central, etc.) is to switch providers.