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In order to minimize the damage from tilt, it is necessary to understand what it is. Tilt is an emotional state in which the player begins to take various rash actions that lead to the loss of the pot. Often the tilt is caused by a series of unsuccessful bets, after which there is a desire to quickly win back lost bets by increasing the number of bets or risky bets.
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Tilt when playing at an online casino

Everyone can deal with tilt in their own way, but there are certain recommendations that will not allow you to fall into a tilt. It is these recommendations that will help save the balance of the gaming account, and in the future, the saved balance will allow you to win back what was lost before the tilt or on time.

1) Determine the daily limit and do not go beyond it.

It so happens that on a certain day (hour) the player is simply unlucky. During such periods, he risks losing the whole pot. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to divide the game bank into certain parts, for example:
The amount of the bank of the gaming account is 1000 euros. We divide the bank into several specific parts, for example, 10. So the daily limit is 100 euros. After the amount on the game account has become less than 900, you should stop the game and continue after a certain time (6-12 hours or the next day).
This method will allow you to keep yourself within limits and will not allow you to place various rash bets, which means it will save the bank, which in the future will allow you to win back yesterday’s loss and win an additional amount of funds.

2) It is necessary to set long-term goals, and not strive to win big in 1 day.

It is also necessary to set an upper threshold, after reaching which it is better to stop the game. This method will allow you to stay in the win and continue to win the next day. Experienced players know that slot machines have a certain percentage of returns. If he has given out a big prize or a big win, then gradually he will start accumulating the amount for the next win, which means that the game on the slot will be negative. That is why it is necessary to limit the upper amount of winnings. It is recommended to stop the game when the winning amount is 3 times more than the amount of the daily limit (in our case, which comes from 1 example – 300 euros).

3) Leave all emotions outside of the online casino.

Emotions are the main reason for the tilt. Many online casino players play not only to earn money but also to get vivid emotions that they get from winning. A series of unsuccessful bets lead to a desire to recoup, and this forces you to make rash bets, which often exceed the pot. Yes, in certain cases, players manage to win back part of the loss, but often this leads to a loss of the pot (sooner or later bets on everything begin, where a coin can decide everything). After a loss, there is a need to replenish the bank. Negative emotions also begin to prevail, which leads to a tilt.

4) Use additional bonuses and benefits.

The loss of funds leads to a tilt, not their earnings. That is why it is necessary to use something that will help you win. Participate in bonus programs, use promo codes that will increase the deposit amount. Use your own strategies to play on various slot machines and roulette. Use tables to play blackjack (although it is prohibited in a regular casino, the game goes to an online casino, where they are not prohibited to use). When winning, it is impossible to fall into a tilt, keep this in mind during the game.

5) Do not play in a state of altered consciousness.

Many people like to play online casinos and at the same time drink various alcoholic beverages. Playing in this state is certainly more fun, but often such a game leads to a deplorable state of the bank. Since it is much more difficult to control your emotions and actions, which means that the risk of losing increases, which in the future can lead to a tilt, and he, in turn, in a state of altered consciousness, will force the player to make rash bets, which will most likely lead to a loss of the pot.


Tilt is an integral part of gambling, you can try to avoid it, but it is quite difficult to do it. Plus, online casino players who earn money in it on a regular basis are able to cope with it, since without this it is very problematic to regularly earn money playing in an online casino. Avoiding the tilt and minimizing its consequences is the main key to a successful online casino game.