Some Trends You Need To Say Goodbye To


Old trends to say goodbye-Trends are all around us, anywhere you go. Some trends last a little longer and honestly most of the times they are the worst ones. Trends even keep repeating themselves time and again.

Most of the fashion experts believe that every fashion cycle lasts an average of fifteen years. It takes a lot of time for the people to notice the trend with an average of two years and after that, enough buzz is created for the trend to become famous for five years.

In the next five years, it will gain its peak of popularity. Finally, it takes three years for the trend to diminish. The unique thing about this is that with time some patterns show their appearance again.

Here I will give you a list of trends that are no longer popular, and you should also bid them goodbye.

Old trends to say goodbye

Sweaters and dresses made of a cheap knit material

Old trends to say goodbye

Please just let it go already! This cheap quality fabric will stretch out in no time. In addition to this, it can also cause an allergic reaction to your skin.  The ideal combination is 20-30% synthetic and 70-80% natural fibre which is not true to these bad quality knitwear.

Tan hosiery

Tan skin colour hosiery do not look good and are way past its trend. Take note that you should always wear tights that are a tone darker than your skin colour or better still if you opt for black tights which add elegance to your whole look.  Never wear these with open-toed summer shoes as it makes your legs look a little awkward.

No accessories

Accessories are a must add items, and they accentuate your perfect dress and everything else as they complement your whole look. Accessories are present for each and every kind of clothing that you opt to wear. Grab some accessories to stand out from the crowd and spread your charm. Pairing the right accessories with the proper dress and body-type is very important. Go for big items if you have a statuesque body while the petite ladies shall go for mini-accessories.

Pyjama-style clothing

Back in the day pyjama-style was very popular among women but now it is going out of style, and it should go out of your wardrobe as well. It does not look as great as the pant-style clothes which are totally ‘in’, these days. Add more of the pant-style garments to your list.


Sunglasses with crystals

Wait! Aren’t we already over with those. I guess not. Those little crystals embellished in the glasses make the sunglass look very cheap. They were hugely popular in the old times but leave them for your grandma. Face type is the key to finding the most suited sunglass for yourself. If you have a square face type, you want to wear butterfly sunglasses; an oval face allows you to wear aviators. Round face will look great any sunglasses.

Long sharp nails

Long sharp nails are the fashion trend of the past, so you should leave them behind. Nowadays what is trendy are the oval-shaped nails or the ‘pointes’. While choosing the nail paints, go for a matte base.

Jeans tucked into high-heeled ankle boots

This trend is also long forgotten. You can always wear jeans tucked into cowboy boots and Hessian boots. Another great pair is ankle boots with skinny jeans. Jeans can even be rolled up above your boots to give a whole new stylish look.

So here it is, the list of items you need to throw in your trash can. Trends are hard to keep up with, and it takes fashion experts to make us aware of such patterns. The collection above is way past its time, so it is now your turn to give them up. Say no to these items and get back on the track of fashion. Share it with your friends and let them know about the mistakes they are making.

Cheers! Stay tuned.