A-List Of Must-Haves For Your Shoe Rack.


Matching shoes with outfit-So today we’re discussing shoes. Aren’t you already excited? Shoes have always been confusion for me. There are a plethora of shoes present all around the world, and I am so thankful for that.

Plenty of varieties to choose from and plenty of those to confuse upon. Let’s be real for a second, how many of you pretty ladies have grabbed a pair to your home and went ‘ They do not suit me’?

Well, I’m here to solve that problem once and for all.  There is a reason why particular pairs do not look as great as you expect.  In spite of there being an abundance of varieties in shoes, there are some which you can pair with almost every outfit.

The shoes that you wear should match your personality and also go with the look that you have decided on the particular event. Here I break down for you the list of shoes that look great with many outfits and hard to resist.

Matching shoes with outfit

Raw Shoes

matching shoes with outfit

The first one on the list will be the nude shoes. They are quite in fashion right now and rightly so. Nude shoes, heels or flats, add a kind of graceful illusion of height to your whole body stature.

They look so good because they have a skin coloured texture which looks great on us. They’re great for adding a few inches. They look super classy. I know right? The remarkable thing about these is that you can easily pair them with any outfit and accentuate your whole look.

They go with everything from a classic Indian dress to the stylish western dresses. Buy a pair and rock the party with these gorgeous footwears. A pair of nude shoes is must have.

Pointed Toes

We all know that the pointed shoes make us look taller. Want to look cooler for that party you’ve been waiting for a month? Grab a pair of pointed toes, and you’re ready to go. They also give a kind of sculpted look to your legs. Wear ’em and have a blast.

Strappy Heels

One of my personal favourites is the strappy heels. Do you not have them in your collection? Girl, why?

They come in a variety of patterns. They are classy and will go with almost every outfit, be it Indian or western wear.

They also come in these beautiful designs which are hard to resist. Pay attention to the design of your dress and then decide your pair accordingly. Add them to your collection now.

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Pumps are classy and sexy looking. Pumps add dimensions to your legs. They look great on dresses. However, be sure to have the right colour of pumps when you buy these.

 Heeled Sneakers

If you do not have white heeled sneakers, then you need to stop reading this article right now and rush to your nearest shoe store and buy them. Sneakers already enhance your look, and they go with pretty much every western wear. The heeled sneakers are even better as they add to your height.

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All the items in the area of fashions have evolved. However, there are some things that never really go out of style and keep coming back. A popular variety of shoes, wedges, falls most certainly in this category. It was more common in the 70s. They look great if you pair them up with the right outfits. Go for them if you are trying to find a different look.


Tie-ups cling to your feet tightly and give your feet an elongated kind of structure which looks super stylish. These will also add a little to your height, and the pretty designs are going to complement your feet.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Try on these pairs and get ready to step in with a sexy look.  You need to add these to your collection and while you’re at it pay attention to the colours and designs that suit you.