If you have a store you want to do everything to present your products attractively. You can use various presentation materials to decorate your store and shop window. Frequently used presentation materials are displays, textile frames, and sidewalk signs.

Want to do something different than others? Then think out of the box! By presenting your store differently from others, you are more likely to stand out because of your originality. A number of out-of-the-box ideas can be found below.

X-banner at the entrance of the store

An x-banner is similar to a roll-up banner but without the cassette. The banner has an x-shaped frame into which you stretch the fabric. This allows the banner to be stretched extra tight, which gives it more sturdiness compared to other banners. A suitable place to place the X-banner is at the entrance of your store. This way you can directly address your (potential) customers who stop at the banner. Print the banner with a nice promotion or information about your store. An x-banner at the entrance of your store also ensures brand awareness and that customers see where your store is located.

Wobblers on the shelves

You can print a wobbler (translation: wobbler drukken) when you have a new product in your range or promote campaigns. Wobblers are a kind of flyer in various shapes and sizes which you then stick on a rocker. You can stick the wobbler on a shelf, refrigerator, cash register, or another object in your store. With the slightest movement, the wobbler moves up and down. This playful form of advertising is sure to get noticed! At the moment you see them mainly in supermarkets, but they can be used in many kinds of stores. You can order wobblers in all kinds of shapes, such as a heart or a cloud.

Produce a display from recycled materials

Sustainability is an important pillar for many organizations. Working with sustainable materials is therefore one of the current trends in the field of presentation tools. For example, you can use old iron or bicycle tires to build a display. Unique and sustainable.!

These are just a few examples of how you can think out of the box. What presentation tools do you already use in your store?