6 step hair care regime.


Hair care regime-Don’t you spend too much money, time and energy for better hair? It enhances our look, and here we care or it so much. You should take efforts to keep your hair healthy. It is easier than it looks.  Try these six steps:

6 step hair care regime.

Castor oil

6 step hair care regime

You will have to prepare a concoction. Drop a tbsp of castor oil in a bowl. This oil is great for avoiding hair thinning, promoting growth and conditions the hair naturally too.

Add olive oil

Add one tbsp of olive oil as it will protect your hair from damage and also reduces the frizziness of the hair. Curly-haired ladies, you will love this!

Coconut oil

Add coconut oil to the concoction. It smells delicious and has anti-bacterial purposes. It is full of nutrients and also improves circulation.



Mix three oils in a bowl and rub it into the hair. Make sure the oils touch the scalp and massage for 15 minutes while you sit comfortably.

Hot towel


Dunk a towel in hot water and wrap the hair for 3 minutes after the message. Steam condition your head in this manner.

Gentle Cleansing

Get into the shower and wash your hair. Use a gentle shampoo so that you don’t undo the lovely you have done to the hair. Try this routine couple of times for amazing results. Your hair will be shiny, healthy in a month’s time. Try it out. Try these 6 steps hair care regime.