Personality revealed through fingerprints.



It’s a composite fingerprint if you cannot see a single pattern but a combination of patterns. The tidal wave-like circles depict your flexibility to adapt to situations quickly. You are easy to get along with, but you might prefer being the lead.


A strong personality with an excellent determination to achieve goals is defined by inner circles in this print. You like competing with others and are self-centred.

Imploding whirl

You can multi-task well if you have irregular loops. You enjoy the company of friends and have loads of interests.

Eye of Peacock

Similar to that of a peacock feather, you are artistic and can struggle through various challenges life brings you. You can lead people to create and impose an undying charm on them.

Press whorl

Having oval prints indicates a cautious nature with great concentration skills. You have a will to survive in a competitive environment and are great in handling deadlines.

Radial loop

You want to analyse things and are independent. You can judge people by meeting them and are a rebel in every sense. You don’t give a damn about what people think about you.

Tented arch

You are outgoing and moody at the same time, reserved at some points of life. You love being unpredictable but can also be impulsive.


You despise if somebody doesn’t gain justice. You are great at expressing your heart and care for those around you. This attribute makes you unique.

Spiral whorl

Indefinite rings around a specific centre indicate a carefree nature. There are passion and vivid dreams in the minds of such people. They are highly sensitive too.

Ulnar loop

You have a laid-back personality and go with the flow. You are gentle with those around you and want to always be in a peaceful environment.