Pictures on social media shouldn’t be trusted. Here’s why


Well, if you blindly trust what you see on social media, you shouldn’t! The photos posted on social media are manipulated. They are clicked by very talented and creative photographers. If you’re wondering what is the level of creativity that they can reach, it is beyond your imagination.

Here are some pictures that prove that photographers are so creative that they can manipulate a picture in their own manner. These behind the scenes pictures will tell you a lot more than you actually see. You’ll see everything from strategically placed cameras to placing pictures of people into other locations. These pictures will tell you just why you should not believe everything you see on social media.

Check out these behind the scenes pictures below!!

1. This shrimp looks tastier than it actually is

2. Photoshop skills on point!

3. Everything is not as pretty as it seems.

4. You can go places with your photography skills.

5. Creativity at its best!

6. Brilliance!

7. This must have been really uncomfortable.

8. Spit or rain???

9. Photographers bring out the best in you.

10. Greenery all around is it?

11. Real efforts!

12. Perfect light and angle are all it takes to get a perfect shot!

13. This one’s hilarious

14. Next level perspective photography

15. Photographers make everything seem beautiful.