Most common makeup mistakes that you’re committing and ways to correct them.


Women know different makeup techniques to change their look as per the occasion. As said, your face gives a glimpse of your personality, so it is very important for you to use just the right technique while applying makeup.

You might consider yourself a pro at applying makeup, but trust us, one wrong move, and you’re doomed. One move can make your look go from elegant to messed up. So here are a few points which will make you realize the makeup mistakes which you’re making unknowingly. We’ve also provided you with ways to correct them. Just have a look.

1.The right way to make the perfect wing.

Don’t stretch the area around your eyes while applying your eyeliner. This will only damage your skin and mess up your eyeliner. Keep your hands stable and use a tape to make the perfect wing.

2. Lining your eyebrows.

Firstly, choose that shade of eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow hair perfectly. Secondly, don’t line your entire eyebrows, instead, line only the inner corner and outline the upper part of the brows.

3. Applying the blush.

You should not use too much blush on your face. Neither apply blush onto your entire face. Restrict yourself to using blush only on your cheekbones.

4. Contouring incorrectly.

You should use the right shade of light and dark while contouring. Also, blend in the two shades properly otherwise it’ll be a disaster!

5. Applying lipstick on dry, chapped lips.


While applying lipstick, always start by moisturizing your lips using a lip balm. This will not damage your lips, and your lips will appear smoother. Use lip gloss after applying lipstick to make it long lasting.

6. Not using a brush to apply foundation.

Don’t substitute your makeup brush with a sponge or your fingers. Only a brush can blend in your foundation evenly so invest your money in that.

7. Don’t test the foundation on your hands.

Don’t test the shade of your foundation on your hands. Apply it on your neck and face to get the right shade. Tanning might have changed the color of your hands so your judgment might go wrong.