Some Painful Pictures That Prove Trust Is Fragile Thing


Pictures prove that trust is a fragile thing -Well, it is a fact that we all hate listening to a lie. If someone lies us it is difficult for us to regain the trust back on those people will not matter how much they try to console us. Once someone has given an impression on us, it will never change. So it is right to say that the first impression is the last impression. Similarly, it was the case of our emotional feelings, but now here we are going to talk about a trustful company which has broken your trust in their wrong products.

Sometimes it sounds dangerous, but then on some other occasions, we find them funny. Example of those strange things can be like cars “scratched” with chalk, tennis rackets replaced with frying pans, and much more.

Here we have collected and compiled some of the best stories in which the gullibility caused funny situations. I hope you will like them.

The man bought the seeds for the giant strawberries from the AliExpress and hence now he has picked up them after they have grown up. It is expectations versus reality situation as the man expected the fruits to be like that of the first picture, not the below one.

Pictures prove that trust is a fragile thing

Aunt does not trust him anymore because once accordingly to her the boy has made a blunder mistake of misplacing her container of Tupperware and now it is difficult for the aunt to trust that boy once again. I think she will smile and talk to him but not forgive him for that such that now she has given him eatables in the plastic bag.

I think the seller has fooled the people and now when they have finally opened the packing they cannot return it, but the fact is the person will never believe that seller again in his life. He will not buy stationery from him ever again.

The waiting room at some clinic has the toys such that the children can even enjoy there but they are behind the plexiglass for the display and secured purpose only. The children would never approach the clinic because they cannot reach the toys to play and enjoy.

The left one cake is the actual order for the party with the theme of wonder woman. But as we know, expectations are always different from the reality and hence see what have finally got from it. The right one is the real cake that has approached them. I think they would not even buy it from the seller once again.

Well, one would eventually get angry with the kids in their neighbourhood because they had spoilt the car of the owner. Now the owner would not even leave his car out for a single second. He would be cautious about it. But I think he should forgive them because it is chalk only.

The person thought of online shopping, but we should not believe those products always because the description always praises the product and tell that it is of the best quality. But here are the results. I think you must once go through the reviews of the people before buying some product as such.

See the packet of ice cream which describes that the ice cream is full of the biscuits and its cream. One would water their mouth after seeing the pack especially those oreo lovers. But the buyer took the ice cream out and had noticed that the shopkeeper has lied to him and now he will not go to that shop ever again.

Well, a friend of the girl has taken out the racket out of the bag racket bag and put the frying pan instead of that. I think the girl cannot stop herself laughing at him for his actions. She would not be even joking about it. Here are the proofs with the picture of the pan.

It is the time when you do not trust the manufacturer, and you feel the need to check it out once. And see what you can do with it.