Casinos aren’t just a place for men to play poker; women also enjoy the game. Women might even be better at playing poker, with recent figures suggesting they are less likely to develop a gambling problem than men.

A night out at a casino is a great excuse to get dressed up for a special night out with friends and family that evokes glamour and excitement. For men, it’s easy for them to get dressed as a tuxedo will often do. For women, it takes a little more thought. Is a floor-length dress too much? Are shorts too casual?

If you’ve got a poker night coming up but have no idea how to fit in among the regulars or the high-rollers, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how you can look the part for a fantastic night.

Check Out the Casino Dress Code

Over the years, casino dress codes have become more and more relaxed. Saying that, though, it’s always wise to visit real money online casinos for US players first to determine what their dress code is. In most cases, they will ask for semi-formal attire with a list of what shouldn’t be worn, such as no trainers, baseball caps, flip flops, or jeans.

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White Tie

White tie is the highest level of formality at a casino. Think of what celebrities wear at the Oscars or a James Bond movie taking place in a casino. You’re unlikely to come across this as the required dress code at a casino unless they hold a special event. If you do, however, women should go for the following:

  • Floor-length ball gowns
  • Simple jewelry
  • A small clutch bag
  • Elegant heels

Black Tie

Black tie is the next formal level for a casino’s dress code and is seen for events starting after 6 pm, VIP lounges, or special events. For women, they should think about wearing the following for a black-tie dress code:

  • A floor-length ball gown is often preferred
  • The dress material should either be silk or satin
  • Dress colors can vary but black, blue, and red are pretty evening colors that will make you stand out
  • Sequins and beading are good choices too
  • Pair your dress with heels

Black Tie Optional

With a black-tie optional dress code, this means that casino patrons should dress as formally as they can, up to the black-tie level. For women, there is little difference in this dress code requirement with the Black Tie one. There are some exceptions, though.

  • Cocktail dresses are an option provided that the hemline is not too short
  • Pick a cocktail dress that has sequins to add a bit of sparkle and glamour


As it’s restrictive asking casino guests to wear a formal dress code, most will have a semi-formal dress code, which does not mean you can wear jeans and a t-shirt, though. Women should consider these for a semi-formal setting:

  • Cocktail dresses or your trusty little black dress will fit the bill here
  • Formal pantsuits
  • A classy long skirt with a nice blouse
  • Add a clutch purse and simple accessories
  • A mixture of shoes: heels, strappy sandals, or flats

Business Formal

Think about what you would wear to the office, and this is what you’d wear to a casino that requires formal business attire. It also works for a dress code you’re unsure of. Business formal is an ideal choice as you can get by with the formal attire, but you won’t look overdressed if it’s a casual code either.

  • Blouses
  • Blazers or jackets
  • Conservative knee-length skirts with tights
  • Heels

Business Casual

Business casual is the look most of us go for when we’re heading for a night out. For women out for a poker night, here’s what to consider wearing:

  • Skirts, trousers, or khakis
  • Shirts or blouses with collars
  • Blazer or a smart jacket
  • Flats or strappy sandals


A casual dress code is the lowest level of formality for a casino. Think about what you would wear on a first date, and this is what you should wear if the casino attire calls for casual clothing. This type of clothing is usually only acceptable during the day in casinos. You’ll also have to check each casino to see if they have a hard rule when it comes to wearing t-shirts.

  • Skirts, jeans, or sundresses
  • Less formal shirts or blouses

Have a Great Night Out

Depending on which casino you’re going to, the dress code will vary. Check before you go so you know what you can expect. Anytime before 6 pm, casinos are likely to allow casual attire. After that, and depending on the event, you can expect a dress code from semi-formal to formal. Whatever you’re wearing, though, you can be sure you’ll have a great night out playing poker.

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