We are just about getting over the winter chill. With the evenings starting to be lighter again, and it almost being suitable to wear a lighter jacket in the afternoon, there is definitely a change in the season. Obviously, with spring coming, so too does spring cleaning.

If you are one to take this time of year as a chance to really go for it in certain rooms around the home, you may be inclined to redecorate a little. In my opinion, there is no better place to start than in the bathroom. After all, it’s usually the place you go to ready for the day. Redecorating a room where space is at a premium can come with obstacles you don’t get in other rooms; one such obstacle being your radiators. Without taking them down too much, radiators in the bathroom can be clunky and get in the way regularly. If you have one you always bump into or swear at for causing problems, an electric radiator may be something you need in the near future.

Now, if you only want advice on cleaning, read this article on How to Spring Clean the Bathroom, otherwise come with me as I explain what to look for when buying electric bathroom radiators.

Get an electric radiator that is dependable

What do I mean by dependable? The last few months of winter are a great example of times when a room like your bathroom needs heat. I hate waking up and walking towards a chilly bathroom first thing in the morning. Even just thinking about my toes touching the floor and feeling that chill makes me shiver.

Electric bathroom radiators are dependable as they act independently from the rest of your heating system. This gives you the benefit of having a little heater that uses a small amount of energy every morning to heat a room you know the whole family needs to use in quick succession. If you live in a home where home heating is coming on early every morning just so the bathroom is warm enough, switching to an electric version that uses less energy could be the better option.

Get an electric radiator that helps create space

Because you’re looking at one of the smaller rooms in the home, the heat output from your current bathroom radiator may exceed requirements. Electric radiators are fast heaters. You tend to find that smaller electric radiators have the same heat output as larger traditional models.

Do some comparison to see if a smaller electric will indeed match heat output. Just imagine how much space it will save. Even if it is just a few inches here and there, it will help you gain space. And if you struggle with a cramped bathroom, read about the Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger.

Oh, and look for bathroom radiators that come with a towel rail. You would be surprised at the difference it can make when you have a bathroom where hand towels are hanging over the shower/bath all the time (a big pet peeve) or on those flimsy hooks by the sink. You can see examples of electric bathroom radiators with towel rails at https://www.traderadiators.com/electric-heating/electric-bathroom-radiators.

Get an electric radiator that integrates with your system

An electric radiator only needs to be plugged/wired into work. You might still want to make sure the radiator is hooked up to your heating if you have it on during the day or evening for the whole room. If that’s the case, look for dual-fuel electric radiators, which can do both. They’re quite nifty and give you the flexibility you wouldn’t often get from standard radiators.

In the mood to decorate your bathroom?

Thanks for reading. I hope I have helped you understand some of the ways an electric bathroom could work for you. If you are getting ready to decorate, I recommend reading about Innovative Trends For Your Bathroom Renovation.