The position of your moles will reveal interesting facts about your personality


The position of your moles can reveal your personality. Different things reveal our personality traits. Moles is one of those things. Different kinds of moles located at different position reveal a significant personality trait. Read on to find out what your mole says about your personality:

The position of your moles can reveal your personality

1) Mole on Head
If you have a mole on the head, you are best in politics.  Adding to that, If the mole is of red or green color, then it means that you will surely become a minister. You will also be successful at every point in life. You may have the chances of remaining single forever.

2) Mole on Forehead
You are admired by other people for your behavior. You will be successful and wealthy.

3) Mole on Cheeks
You are emotional, and if the mole is present on the left side of your cheek, you are an introvert.

4) Mole on Chin
You are beautiful and adorable. You will be successful because of your well-balanced life.

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5) Mole just above the lips
Your self-esteem is on the lower side.You may have twins in future.

6) Mole on Nose
You are a great thinker and a quick learner. You are short-tempered. If the mole is present on the right side of your nose, you’ll be able to earn money easily with fewer efforts. But, If the mole is present on the left side then this can have adverse effects.

7) Mole on Hands
If the mole is located on your right hand, you have a strong determination. On the other hand, if it is located on the left hand then it represents a disappointment. Your results will not be in accordance with the efforts that you put in.