Photos That Are So Powerful That Will Leave A Lasting Impression On You


Powerful photos-Photos have become an essential part of our lives. We snap all of the fun, meaningful, precious and exciting events in a frame of memories. Not only do we catch these images but also want to share them with our friends. The increased number of social media platforms on which we can share these images with our loved ones has also enhanced the craze of snapping and sharing. Statistics suggest that every two minutes we snap the same number of pictures as were taken in the nineteenth century.

Apart from these fun and exciting moments, we have some captured events that are close to our heart and will leave a stamping impression on our hearts. It is time, now, to share with you these precious moments.

Powerful photos ever taken in human history

A man of steel

Powerful photos ever taken

Uniqueness can be found in every place. However, capturing such uniqueness takes luck and talent. Doing such physical exercises takes a lot out of people. Even people who have a perfect body struggle every day practicing these exercises. But people who are physically challenged, or differently abled; it becomes even more difficult for these people to choose the hard path and overcome the struggles of life.

An EMT worker after a tough run

powerful photos ever taken

Oh boy, is he tired? This is just another portrayal of the hard work of the life of humans. Every day we fight, we lose, we get up and face everything all over again. It is all so very tough but beautiful. There is no good in sitting idle. Life should be put to good use. Every man’s struggle is different, every man’s journey is different.

A man is playing with his daughter.

This is the purest portrayal of love, love of a parent, so unconditional, so pious and so unique. The relationship between this duo of daughter and dad can be seen in the picture which seems to be beyond perfect. Where there is love, there is always the element of imperfect perfection. The bond between the two seems to untouchable to penetrate.

Best friend

It is hard to see a friend on the deathbed. It is hard to let go. But these two just seem to be enjoying the moments that they are left with. It breaks your heart and mends it at the same time; such is the power of this picture. Love is an emotion that can grow between any two beings with pure hearts.

A North Korean man waves at his South Korean brother during a family reunion after being separated for sixty years.

The stories of separation and reunion are too heartbreaking to hear. Emotions, i.e., happiness, sadness, excitement, and even fear, take a big hike at the time of reunion. This image of the poor old man is depicting all those emotions in a true light, so much so that they pull some of the deepest heartstrings. I cannot begin to contemplate what these two brothers might be going through while they were apart. Looking at this reunion might have made your day.

This photo was taken just after a son had given his kidney to his father.

This is one of the powerful photos. A cherished relationship again has been shown to you by this one. Our parents do a lot for us, wanting and expecting nothing in return. However, life gives us a whole lot of opportunities to go give something back to them, if not the same amount of sacrifice. When life offers you such an occasion, do not ever step back. Your parents have never stepped back, never turned away from you. It is your responsibility to make them feel loved.

A father kneels at his son’s name at the 9/11 Memorial

9/11 was the most gruesome event of terrorism in the history of humankind. Humanity seemed to have been lost in this vicious world. Many people lost their lives, their loved one in the horrific attack. It took away many people from this beautiful yet evil place. This father is one of the unfortunate ones who has lost his son to the hideousness of the attack. It breaks my heart to even think about it, and I cannot imagine how difficult it would have been to handle this tremendous loss.

This boy grew his hair out for two years to donate it to kids with cancer.

When I see such pure souls, my faith in humanity revives. This little child will grow up to be a great man, always thinking about the problems of others and giving a helping hand to those in need. This boy has more humanity and kindness in him than some adults could ever have.

A soldier is feeding a two-week-old kitten.

Soldiers just do not stop with the good work that they provide humankind with, and in this case, even an animal receives his share of love. People like him remind me that there is still a lot of goodness left in this world. Some people have a lot of themselves to offer without asking for anything in return.

The joy of sharing.

I do not know why but my heart fills with all the happiness in the world when I see children doing the gestures of kindness. Maybe it is because it affirms me that we as a human race are going in the right direction. Maybe one day, with the majority of these pure young souls, this world will become worth living. I am eagerly waiting for such a time.

A baby who was born 12 weeks prematurely and managed to survive.

A battle for survival is evident in this image. These miracles are the best thing in the world. Just imagine their parents’ happiness when their child managed to survive.

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