Real figure of the cartoon-The growing up cartoon characters day by day frequently feel as real to the kids as their actual friends. So think once that if one day these characters would come to life. Don’t give stress to your minds to imagine the real figure of the cartoons. Here we have brought you with the sketches of the cartoons as seems like they are real. Take a look at these pictures.

Real figure of the cartoon

Timon and Pumbaa

real figure of the cartoon

Do you still remember the duo of Timon and Pumbba? We remember them for their singing. The pair sings a song about the concept that called Hakuna Matata. The pair outlook on living life in a happy worry-free way.


The Kung-Fu-Panda, Po is slightly more modern than the classic Timon and Pumbba. Po is a panda that is doing Kung-Fu. Though he may be able to kick the butt, he has a funny and playful side. The human version of this Panda is there in the above picture.


This character is from the movie, Iceage. He acts as a non-speaking character in the film. But his funny acts provide a laugh to almost all the viewers throughout the movie. His name is Scart.

Menman and Gloria

Madagascar is another funny classic movie. This movie is about the troupe of animals that transit from NYC zoo and beginning to mix with the local animals. The particular pair of giraffe Melman and elephant Gloria is the funny one. This human version of these cartoons is adorable.

Judy, Nick, and Flash

The characters Judy, Nick, and flash are everyone’s favourite from the famous Disney movie Zootopia. These animals have human characteristics in the film. So the human version of such animals will not surprise you very much.

SpongeBob SquarePants

This is the most successful cartoon character of all the time. You would be hard-pressed to find n adult who does not enjoy its episodes now and then, though its children’s cartoon. The artists have done a good job by making the human version of this successful cartoon character.


It’s angry birds. It is the most successful app of all the times. Do you know that this has inspired a movie also? Redbird was the main character of this film that is the most common bird in the app. But in the movie he is central.

Simba and Nala

You will find it difficult to find a cute fictional couple than Simba and Nala. It is the easiest way to remember Simba as the little lion cub for those who have seen the Lion king only once. The lion cub held up in that iconic scene. And Nala is his best friend and also his wife.

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Donkey is the most stand up character besides Shrek. This is the perfect human version of the donkey with upbeat nature and contagious smile.


Goofy is also a truly classic character like the other classic characters of Disney like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Goofy is same like as its name sounds like a goofball. The human version of Goofy is perfect like the cartoon dog version of Goofy.


The secret life of all the pets would be like your pets are living when you are not at your homes. And for the cartoon Chloe, the secret life is all about the food. Chloe is a cat that is generally very apathetic. She springs to life when the food comes into the picture. And the same is its human version.

A Different Artist, Same Concept

The artists have done an excellent job by imagining the human version of such beautiful cartoons. But these artists are not the only one who has done such thing. It is any other artist who has drawn the fabulous picture of Lady from the movie Lady and the Tramp. It’s adorable.

Taking It to The Real Life

This concept is not a just digital concept; some people have even brought this concept to real life. The two people in the above pictures have nailed the kids’ cartoon characters from the TV show Recess.

Perfect Princess Casting

Emma Watson resembles the Disney princess, Belle  She has not only given looks like Belle, but she is also inspiring like her.

Finally… The Winner of Halloween Costumes!

This woman has correctly copied Jasmine. She is completely matching with her. It’s amazing.