Differentiating A Real Relationship From A Fake One.


This Is The Difference Between Being In A Real Relationship And A Fake One

Being in love and then being in a relationship is quite tricky. You don’t know how long it is going to last. It is all roses at the start, and almost everyone assumes that they have found their ideal one in such circumstances. You feel like wanting to spend every moment of your life with them.

Real vs fake relationship differences you must know

After a rough six months to about a year, the picture does get clearer. You start questioning everything going on with the relationship, and you might end up doubting our bond with this person.

Real vs fake relationship differences you must know-There are ways to analyze whether your relationship is real or not. Even at the start of a relationship, you can check how genuine your relationship is.

There are 6 signs which shout out “fakeness”. Have a look at them for yourself.

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1. Not Indulging In Planning The Future

Real vs fake relationship differences you must know

If your partner and you never talk about a future together, there-there. That is the first sign that indicates the fakeness of the bond. If either of you is reluctant to talk about the future, it isn’t a good sign. It is incredible to live in the moment, but it does not mean that you can shy away from what the future has in store for you. This talk could be about marriage, career or even children. You should be both excited about holding a future together, or it is just pointless.

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2. Meeting only when it is convenient

Real vs fake relationship differences you must know

It is entirely reasonable if you reschedule the date as you are stuck with something important or if you are sick. But meeting up when you are in the correct frame of mind or whenever it is convenient on your side is again not a good sign. Prioritizing each other should be the proper way of going about the relationship. It is always possible to plan out something for one another in the busiest of days. If you genuinely love each other, you will be willing to meet each other more often!

3. Signs of Insecurity

Real vs fake relationship differences you must know

Ever felt that the relationship is going out of control? Like you have it all with you today, but it just flows out the very next day? This is probably because you have the baggage of insecurities all the time. This does show that the relationship may not last.

Being completely secure is the foundation of a healthy relationship. You should both be able to bestow trust upon one another. If this is the case for you, you have found a partner who will stay with you, forever.

4. Not Sharing Your Feelings For One Another

When you are already insecure, you end up not speaking your true feelings out to one another. This again indicates a fake relationship. You should be very comfortable with one another, no matter what situation arises. Discomfort will get the relationship to a downhill if nothing more. Bottling up these feelings inside of you will cause a trigger, and you would start getting passive-aggressive in the relationship.

You will never have to shive down your emotions when you have a partner who understands you thoroughly. You should not feel vulnerable around them. In a relationship that is real, no one is afraid to show their weak side.

5. Feeling Exhausted Often

You Feel Exhausted All The Time

A fake relationship does drain you out thoroughly. This is because you have to search for reasons to hold on to the relationship which can wear anyone out. You will always be lost in searching for solutions and answers that you don’t receive from your partner. This will cause you to burn your energy for no good.

There will be nothing shady about a relationship that is real on the other hand. You will be confident at all times, and you would not have to analyze the highs and lows of the bond you share. It will make you feel fresher rather than tired.

6. Feeling Unimportant

Real vs fake relationship differences you must know

Love is all about making one another feel special. If this factor is missing or if you feel neglected, then you know where the relationship is headed.

In a real relationship, your partner will never lose out in making you feel extra good about yourself. He will make you want to love yourself more. He will be proud of all that you are.

Relationships are complicated, right. But if you feel that you are not valued enough, or you are not appreciated well, it is high time that you find someone who does.

Real vs fake relationship differences you must know