Reasons why food is always better than being in love.


Reasons food is better than a relationship

 This is why food is better than a relationship

Reasons food is better than a relationship

What do you think is greater? You could have your own preference, but here we have 12 reasons why food is better than a relationship.

#12 Food is a necessity for survival

This goes without saying. Love may not be a necessity but it can be nice to have someone around. We can survive without love, but food? Nah.

#11 We cannot buy love, but the food we can!

Food can be bought at any point of the day and from anywhere. Pay and eat, no hustles. Love cannot be paid for, it takes a lot of time to build it, it is indeed expensive.

#10 Bacon anyone?

Isn’t this a piece sent straight from heaven? We need not say more.

#9 Bad food can destroy a day but bad love takes a toll on your life

Bad food may lead you to be sick or you might as well puke. You will eventually recover and forget about it too. When love goes wrong, it gets bitter. And this mess stays around for long.

#8 Food is unconditional, love can have its own conditions.

Food doesn’t want you to look or behave in a certain way. Love can come in various conditions and we have to give in most of the time.

#7 Food can disappoint but love depresses.

If you go to a restaurant and ruin your taste buds by tasting something weird, you could always go out and try something else. You cannot do the same when you get disappointed by your partner. If you are not careful, it could depress you too.

#6 You can have various kinds of food every day!

European for breakfast and some Japanese for dinner. We can do this with food but can we do this with love? Nah.

#5 You can have a varied palette for food, but not for love.

Lebanese may not be your thing at the first go, but with trials and errors, you may develop a taste for it. Your food habits change as you grow but then your idea of love pretty much remains the same.

#4 You can eat that whole plate alone!

Love is a two-way affair. Food is just for you, a self-affair. Even in a group, your food is yours and you can have it with all the pleasure you need.

#3 It fits in a box!

Easy to access and readily available, food comes in a box. You can throw it away when you are done eating it, but love? Need not say more.

#2 For every mood, there is food.

For when you are sick, for when you are drunk, food will be your buddy always. There is food for enjoyment, there is food for love too. Love doesn’t have such varieties, you know.

#1 Food won’t judge you.

This is the aptest one. It doesn’t look at your form, none of your opinions. It doesn’t make too many assumptions. Love can do these things, however. Your choice- food or love?