Reasons why guys don’t want a relationship? Love is an overwhelming feeling that often confuses people. From the old times, it is said to be something of a sense of happiness, passion and comfort all together. Everyone likes the feeling of being loved or being in love, but is it a fairy tale with a happy ending? Or is it just an overly exaggerated fantasy that people believe exists in real life?

Over the course of our life, we meet different people, but only a few leave a mark on our lives. Among those people are the lovers who at times makes us feel content and complete, but at later times they walk away without much of an explanation or excuse. Many women wonder what went wrong at that time. Was it her fault that the other person left? These kind of questions after a heartbreak are common. So today we are going to look into seven main reasons as to why a man might walk away from a woman.

Reasons why guys don’t want a relationship

1. Appreciation:

reasons why guys don't want a relationship

Just like a woman likes attention, the same is the case with a man. A man expects from his women that she would appreciate the things that he does for her and realise what he brings to the relation. A relationship is never a power game, and only a link without any issue for power can survive in the long run. A man needs to know that the woman with whom he plans to have a future will appreciate his dreams, passion and also ideals.

2. Acknowledging the change:

Change is a constant thing in anybody’s life. If you have been in a relationship long enough, you will see some changes in your partner. But rather than pointing out those changes and trying to change him into the person he was before, just accept the man he has become and love that man.

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3.He needs to know you are happy with him:

A man likes to keep his woman happy and hence does all kinds of things possible to keep her smiling. But if a woman always shows her foul mood to him, he will feel disheartened and not good enough for you. If a man sees woman unhappy, he feels it’s his fault and then tends to walk away.

4.In a relationship by choice, and not as a mandatory duty:

People face good and bad times, and they also share those times with their loved ones. But if a man always feels unhappy around a woman and he cants imagine a future together with her, he will walk away from her eventually.

5.The difference in opinions:

When you are together with someone, it is somewhat similar to sharing a life with that other person. But if on every other occasion you cannot come to a standard solution or cant come up with a decision without a fight, the man will eventually walk away from the woman’s life.

6.Do not try to change the person you fell in love with:

Women are known to do that a lot. Over the course of a relationship, the woman attempts to change the man she once fell in love with. Not a single man likes his virtues being questioned by anyone, so eventually, he will feel pressured and walk away.

7. Being too emotionally dependent:

Man have a life of their own to take care of also. So if a woman is emotionally dependent on him most of the times, he will find it to be a too much of a work to be in that relationship. He will walk away thinking he can’t possibly handle this for his whole life.