Reasons you need to know why a Smartphone must be avoided at night


You should avoid smartphones at night-Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have become an essential part of our life and it is very difficult to spend a single while without them. They are just digital parts of our body and we use them while eating, drinking, studying and lying as well. Whenever we go to bed at night for sleeping, we use smartphones to have a good sleep but we do not care about the side effects of this. If you are the same, just watch down here why you should avoid smartphones at night.

Experts say that the “blue light” produced by smartphones leads us towards serious health issues.

Reasons why you should avoid smartphones at night

You should avoid smartphones at night


The first reason why you should avoid smartphones at night-This blue light causes less sleep as it slowly kills the production of the melatonin hormone which is essential for sleeping.

There are three serious problems are found regarding our health.

  • Eye problem

The eye muscles are brutally affected by the blue light and the retina is pretty much damaged. This may cause an unclear vision as a person is not able to see accurately what the stuff is presented in front of him.

  • Sleeping problem

The use of smartphones at night directly affects our sleeping schedule which is seen to be the cause of other diseases like heart diseases, memory problem, anxiety, weight gain, aged skin, and depression.

  •  The rate of Cancer

This is the most serious problem in the world caused by the blue light spectrum. The risk of cancer is increased due to the use of gadgets at night.

Totally, this is very important to away from gadgets at night otherwise you will have to be ready for the upcoming problems in your future.