Must Possess These 6 Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Stress.


Yoga for stress-Being a working woman is tough, you have to balance your professional and personal life on the top of that hormonal imbalances can make it worse. From mood sings to an act of stress and depression, you can find that every these effect occurred due to hormonal changes.

Hormones help to keep the body functioning the way it should. But a slight change in the hormone due to stress and depression can affect your health both physically and mentally. Here is where yoga comes into play, yoga is a perfect way to calm down your body and relax it.

Yoga for Stress Relief

1. Child’s Pose:

For this pose sit on your knees and kneel forward on your mat. Now try to come forward until your chest starts to touch the thighs and rest comfortably on it. Keep the forehead down on the floor. Let the hand rest behind the body and curl the shoulder forward and hold the pose for five breaths. This pose brings calm and relieve to your body and also benefits the nervous system.

Yoga for stress

2. Bridge Pose:

Lie on your back and keep the knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Now slide your hands beside the body with palms resting on it. Now using the arms, try to raise the chest and use the legs to lift the hips as high as possible. Hold on for eight breaths and then return to your original flat pose. This pose reduces the level of anxiety.

3. Standing Forward Bend:

Stand straight and erect and while breathing start bending in the forward direction, until your palms touch the floor. You must experience a stretch in the spine. Straighten the legs to make the stretch better. Hold this pose for eight breaths and then inhale while getting up slowly, returning to the standing position.

4. Corpse Pose:

The simplest of all the yoga for stress is the corpse pose, this pose just demands you to lie down on your back with legs straight out, and hands were resting behind your back. Keep your eyes shut, relax and breathe. Focus on your every part of the body with the head. Be in this position for 5 minutes.

5. Legs Up The Wall:

To start with this pose, sit with your hips hitting the wall and then lie on your back and rest your legs on the wall. You should try and press your bottom against the wall as much as you can and hold for 5 minutes. This pose reduces the amount of stress in your body.

6. Cat Pose:

Start with your body on your hands and knees facing the floor. Now exhale and try pushing the stomach towards the spine. Try to round your back towards the ceiling and bring the head towards the floor. This brings immense relief to your body and relieves the tension in your back.