Reasons Which Proves That Your Shoes Appear Cheap


Why your shoes look cheap-In this modern world, we all are in the race to be the most beautiful and hence after that we forget everything and do not even care about money. We always buy expensive products no matter if they look good on us or not. Before purchasing something, we should take care if that product gives us a great look or not. And with that our shoes also play an important role when you try to meet the new people. But even if then also you want to wear the uncomfortable red-colored high heels and those leather shoes then I think the article which we have written below if surely for them.

Here are some results which explain that even your expensive shoes look cheap.

A lot of sparkling and shiny details of your shoes.

Reasons your shoes look cheap

Well, when you buy the expensive dresses covered with the rhinestones, then I think it might look awesome on you. But on the other hand, if you feel wearing the shoes with the same stones, then I believe it is inappropriate and strange thinking. The crystals present in the shoes appear to be weird and of the poor quality which may even fall after first and the second wearing. Also, if you want shiny shoes, then you must go for metallic shades.

Extremely high platform shoes.

Many girls love to wear high platform shoes, but if you wear them, they do not appear to be fancy and expensive. Those shoes may even not seem to be elegant to you. The high platform shoes turn the legs into the hoofs and hence the whole body may also look out of that proportion. Therefore we will always recommend you to choose the small platform or even without the platform one. If you want to look gorgeous, then you must go for classic heels.

Combination of the several colors

Always you must try and avoid the number of colors on your shoes because they might even appear to be cheap to others but are expensive than the regular shoes. Never forget that always according to the fashion trend of history, we should not mix more than two colors in the shoes.

A lot of metal details

The belts, rivets, and the spikes may appear to be good, but on the other hand, many designers try to add a lot of elements as much as possible, and even it may make the shoes to look cheap. Also, it may appear to be the decorated ones with the rivets to wear on some occasion, but you should go for choosing the one without the accessories.

The patent leather shoes

Even no matter that these type of shoes appear to be beautiful but then they get stained or even scuffed right you put them on. On the other hand, the matte color of the shoes may appear to be expensive than the shiny ones. You may choose the neutral tones which may look the beige, black, and white.

The leopard print

The shoes of Leopard texture are expensive or even may appear to you tempting to buy, but also for that; you must choose the right color. The classic and the leopard print usually associate with the bad taste to someone present near to you. Even if you want to wear the animal texture shoes then find some unusual pattern for that.

Uncomfortable shoes

Always one thing that you must possess is to wear comfortable shoes. The uncomfortable shoes may appear to be strange, and even they may affect our back and leg health and gait. But those shoes are the dream of many people, but then also they must not buy them ever because they are tight and hence it may appear painful to wear them. Those shoes may affect our lives badly.

Too much faux leather

It is excellent if many brands produce shoes from eco-leather. But then we should know that the favorite stores sell the products made of the faux material that may even to be of the poor quality. Shoes look cheap, and hence they start losing the cushioning very fast.

If you want to wear such boots, then you must go for the lower ones. The regular leather boots may appear to be stylish and elegant than that of other ones.