Results After Nine Months Stopped Eating Meat


Here we are going to discuss a story of the Russian girl, Lena who recently stopped eating meat. Lena is a university student, and she has made a decision for not eating meat, and here she explains the reasons for it. It is the story of a young girl, and she also tells that what has happened to her during the experiment and then how she ended up with that feeling later.

The girl attempted in the month 2016, but the results came out in her life after two years. It has influenced her body a lot. Hence here you will learn why it is essential to listen to your body and should not blindly follow the trends and the tips given on the internet.

See how everything started with it.

Russian girl stopped eating meat & this is what happened

The girl did not like the meat at all, and even she did not know it was hot or cold to serve. But then most of the friends of the girl eat meat, and so she started with it not even finding out that what can be its effects on you.

Then Lena noticed one of the blogs online who was much skinny and happy. For the blogger, she always talked about her diet and the prohibition of eating meat. But she felt interested in that. But the main talk about the girl was that she possessed a lot of energy, the lightness of the body, a clear hand, with healthy and the smooth skin and the fit body. Most of the vegetarians will tell you the same about it.

And for that, Lena started the Nine-month experiment.

Losses and profits

With this title, Lena explains why she decided to eat meat as a sort of experiment.

The plenty of energy

There was no change in the way, and the time of sleeping that means no night statistics got changed with eating meat, but in the morning she started feeling like a zombie as she starts hating going to the class and waking up early in the morning. And hence she started feeling that she was wrong to think that the diet can magically make her a morning person.

The lightness of the body

Many sportspersons feel that the meat can cause the tightness in their stomachs and even influence their performance. See the above picture. It is the medal to take part in the sports competition in Russia. Well, the girl stopped eating meat she noticed that her heart rate increased and even her pace slows down. She ran a half marathon without any difficulty but then she felt awful and hence her situation went worse. And then she was out of the competition and felt terrible for it.

The above picture shows the heart rate of the girl during the competition, and later at the finish line, her heartbeat went to 200 beats per minute.

The fit body

The index of the body mass of the girl is a bit average, and hence it went difficult for her to lose the weight. And the experiment of nine months let her waist go smaller and skirts and pants appeared to be significant for her. And hence she has to buy new clothes.

What do you feel about having healthy skin and a clear head?

The girl does not have some skin issue, and hence it was difficult for her to trace the difference. The sun gave her a tanned skin with freckles which made her look healthy and fresh with no matter what did she eat.

But for the clear head, it was a problem, and she always felt dizzy and hence finally become a unique person. Then the best idea that she could make was to visit the doctor.

What is anemia?

The doctor asked Lena for the blood test. It was her iron and hemoglobin level that went much low. The doctors claimed that she suffered from anemia. Anemia is due to the deficiency of iron with a decreased number of red blood cells. It may be due to the lack of food rich in heme.