Remove underarm hair easily at home using these ingredients!


Women are expected to be up to date and look their best all the time. It is tough for a woman to take care of her skin, hair, body all at the same time, yet she’s expected to do that! They don’t leave any stone unturned to look their best even if that means bearing the pain of waxing or bearing the torture of getting their eyebrows done.

Did you know that You don’t need to buy expensive cosmetics and beauty products, provided you know the home remedies and hacks that’ll work just as good, and even better than any of the cosmetics. These remedies are chemical free hence safe, and will give you beautiful results!! And, last but not the least, you’ll save a hell lot of money!!!!!

1. Milk and turmeric paste

This paste will work wonder!! Just mix turmeric with milk to obtain a thick paste. Apply a generous amount of it onto your underarms and let it dry. After it completely dries, scrub it off gently. Wash it with cold water and see the miracle yourself.


2. Homemade wax!

Mix honey, sugar and lime juice. Heat this mixture up a little bit until you obtain a wax-like consistency. Now using a spatula, apply this wax onto your underarms. Using wax strips remove your armpit hair.


3. Egg white + corn flour

Mix cornflour and egg whites together until it forms a smooth paste. Apply it on your underarms area and let it dry. Then scrub off to remove the hair.


4. Cornflour + rose water

Mix well cornflour and rosewater together to obtain a fine paste. Add a few drops of lemon to it and mix again. Now apply this on your armpit and let it stay until it dries. Then scrub it off gently. You can even add sandalwood powder to whiten your skin.


5. Ground lentils

Take some ground lentils or masoor daal and add some honey and lemon juice to it. Apply this paste on your underarms, let it stay for 15-20 minutes and then scrub it off. Use this twice or thrice a week for best results.


6 .Salt+ Water

Take some warm water and add some salt to it. Using a cotton ball, apply this water over your underarms area. This will reduce the hair growth if you use it frequently.


7. Wheat flour + Turmeric

To make this scrub, add equal parts of turmeric and whole wheat flour together. Add a little bit of honey or sesame oil to make the paste smoother. You can even add rosewater for better results. Apply this on your armpit and let it dry for 20-25 minutes. Scrub it off after it dries.


8. Papaya + Turmeric

Mash some papaya and add a little bit of turmeric to it to obtain a smooth paste. Gently massage it over your skin. Papaya is a bleaching agent which will lower hair growth. If you have dry skin, don’t forget to add honey or milk.