3 Adverse Facts That Can Say That How Dashboard Can Harm Us Badly


Riding with your feet on the dashboard can harm you-During a long drive, to be like a passenger is a fresh feeling. You only need to think about music selection and beautiful views during your trip. Many of us have the temptation to put our feet on the dashboard while enjoying the ride. But your wrong position in the car can lead to an increase in the risk of many serious injuries or even death.

We want to share the danger of this irresponsible behavior with you through this article.

The speed of airbag deployment


Most of you think that you will be able to get off your feet quickly from the dashboard in a dangerous situation. Airbag deployment takes even less than 1/20 of a second according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is too speedy that even a blink of an eye lasts longer.

See why riding with your feet on the dashboard can harm you

3 facts riding with your feet on the dashboard can harm you

Airbags get packed in the dashboard, wheels, and seats of your car that these may seem to be very soft and small. If the passengers have their legs on the panel, it may lead to a minor accident or even significant accidents. The airbags of the dashboard may also force your legs to move towards your face. In this way, it can even result in a broken nose, legs, and forehead.

Seat belts are specially designed to protect you during sudden stops. Thus the seat belts have proven to be effective. If you sit correctly, seat belts protect you from injuries. And also the seat belt may harm you if you sit in different positions like putting your legs on the dashboard.

It may also happen that airbag deployment take place for no reason and if the dashboards get constructed improperly then they may push your legs towards your face and shoulders.

In 2006, the lady, Grainne Kealy was present in the car crash. She has got poorly injured because of the airbag explosion. 10.5-hour surgery was done to fix her injuries. For the time of 2 years, her forehead has got removed.

She has shared her experience with us to warn all of us from the dangers of the feet on the dashboard while driving. She is still recovering from her accident after 12 years. It breaks her heart that not many people among all of us do not know how dangerous it is to it by putting feet on the dashboard. She is feeling bad she could not reach so many people to warn them for the dangers of this behavior. And many others might have been gone through this type of accidents.

In the same way, one more accident took place in the year 2015. The airbag deployed and pushed the lady’s right foot back into her face. Her right ankle, shoulder, femur, as well as her nose, broke up. Doctors told her family that she could be fine if both of her feet be put on the floor of the car rather than on the dashboard. The lady was only 33 years old and got a handicapped tag because of this accident though her husband and daughter were also present in the car with her, they were fine.

Celebrities may also go through this irresponsible behavior

We feel very relaxing and enjoyable during car rides, but it is hazardous also. There were around 337,133 people who got killed in motor vehicle accidents in the last year 2017 on US roadways. One of the primary reasons for such accidents to happen is the irresponsible behavior of the riders that leads to injuries and worse accidents.

You should always keep in mind that it is better to be safe than be sorry afterward. We have all only one life, and hence you should enjoy it safely. Putting our legs on the dashboard can be so dangerous that one cannot even think that it may lead to worse injuries. There are many more moments that you can enjoy in the car than putting your legs on the dashboard.

So if you or your known put their legs on the dashboard then tell them the worse results of it and ask them not to put their paws on the panel in future.