Rock The Right Outfit Based On Your Body Type


Perfect outfit based on your body type-So not all of us are models; we are not perfect Barbie dolls or mannequins who have perfectly sculpted bodies. Real women come in all shapes and sizes, and girl, no matter what form or height you have, you are beautiful. Sometimes, we try to copy the fashion style of our favourite celebrities just because we think they look fantastic. While that may be true, we often forget that we don’t all share the same body type, and therefore, not everything that looks good on Kendall Jenner or Taylor Swift would look as splendid on ourselves.

An extra inch around the waist or arm or leg is all right, seriously. Believe it or not, a healthy diet and regular exercise is not the only method to make you look your 100%. Although those are still essential and highly recommended, there’s always one thing you must keep in mind. Don’t worry, because honestly, the secret is relatively simple. The trick is to know what to wear and how to wear it, based on your body type. Like I said, not everything will suit your specific form, so make sure to choose the outfits that will bring out the best and make you look like an 11/10.

Choose the best outfit based on your body type

Rock The Right Outfit Based On Your Body Type

Apple-shaped body type

Apple-shaped women should define their waistline to make your mid-section look narrow. Try wearing dark, wide belts and choose the stretchable kind if you’re a bit plump around the waist area. Short shorts and skirts, as well as high heels, will also make your legs look longer than they seem.

Hourglass-shaped body

Most girls would kill for an hourglass figure. They usually get away with everything because of their evenly distributed form. Try wearing fitted dresses and clothes that will highlight your curves. Make sure to avoid boxy outfits and high necklines.

Pear-shaped bodies

Pear-shaped figures are distinguished because their hips are more extensive than their shoulders.  Because of this, you need to accentuate the upper half of your body and try to make your shoulders look broader than they seem. Try sleeveless dresses and blouses to do the trick!


Inverted Triangle-shaped body

Usually, women with this kind of body type are said to look masculine. You’d want to make your hips look bigger instead of drawing attention to your broad shoulders. Puffy skirts and dresses will help you accentuate your hips.