As an entrepreneur you frequently have to deal with unusual working hours, time pressures, risk of failure, irregular money and dwindling social interaction. The number of small business owners and entrepreneurs is rising every day and prioritizing self-care is an integral part of success. Self-care is any activity that you do voluntarily which helps you maintain your physical, mental or emotional health. It can help you feel fresh and relaxed and take on your work responsibilities.

How Self-care Helps The Entrepreneur 

  1. Reduces stress levels
  2. Improves creativity and clarity
  3. Boosts productivity
  4. It improves mental-health

Self-care Habits

  1. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep – It is very very very important, and I cannot possibly stress it enough that you find a way to fit in 8 hours of sleep in your schedule. Sounds impossible, almost amusing? Well, you know what won’t be unusual? Those bags under your eyes or your fainting spells. Trust me; you’ll thank me later.
  2. Stay Hydrated – They say drinking more water is the solution to all your problems. And well, they’re right. Start drinking 7-8 glasses of water every day, and don’t let me tell you anything, see for yourself how your life transforms miraculously.
  3. Nourish Your Body РDo. Not. Skip. Meals. Under. Any Circumstances. Focus on getting lean proteins, healthy fats and plenty of fruits and veggies. 
  4. Shake it Up – I’m not going to presume to tell you about the 101 benefits of exercise because you surely know half of them and still pay no heed. I’m not going to ask you to run a marathon either. Just that you teach an exercise in your routine, be it a dance, Zumba or sport.
  5. Be Around Supportive People – Creative people need supportive, like-minded people around to let their juices genuinely flow. So spend time with your loved ones, who are sure to get you out of your blues if you have any!
  6. Treat Your Self – It’s essential to have some ‘me time.’ Be it anything you like doing by yourself. Reading, writing, watching silly movies or just doing nothing.

Key-points To Remember While Doing All This

  • When you’re swamped with work, slow down.
  • Charge enough for your business services
  • Develop your schedule with intention and caution
  • Over-communicate and Under-promise to your clients
  • Understand that time is finite and that you can only accomplish so much in a day