Serena williams wanted italian food-Yes, you read the title right. It is so adorable to see Alexis Ohanian Sr. and Serena Williams together; they make a great couple. Serena Williams and Ohanian tied the knot back in November 2017, and since then the Reddit cofounder has been showering her with romantic gestures. You might probably be aware of the fact that Alexis is not only madly in love with Serena but also her biggest fan. So it would not be that much of a surprise if we come to know how well Alexis treats his lady. And guys step up your game, Alexis is kind of slaying it. The couple has been enjoying some quality time together in Europe.

Serena williams wanted italian food so her husband too her to venice.

Serena recently laid out her craving for Italian food to Alexis, and what did he do about it you ask? Not something that, us, regular people do when their significant others tell that they fancy so and so thing. If my significant other has a craving for Italian food, we are going to settle for a pizza, but that is not the case for celebrities. He flew her to Venice, Italy just to have some Italian food together (so casual, isn’t it?). Oh, the things you can do when you are rich and wild. Alexis’ Instagram does not contradict this event.  They seem to be having a blast and it is all beyond adorable.

Oh, and they spent some time alone just roaming around the Italian streets under the moonlight, just the two of them. Now that is a good evening, isn’t it?

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People just had to think that it was cute and rightly so.

Serena williams wanted italian food

Serena and Alexis ended up spending their rest of the week in a fancy villa. Side note: It came with this magnificent hatch in the ceiling so one could enjoy the sight of stars while one is in bed, sipping wine. Alexis’ drone did show us a sneak peek into their happening villa and their romantic evening. Okay, on a scale of one to ten how jealous exactly are you? But I guess Serena deserves this sweetest possible treatment.

Italy holds a special place for the couple as this is the place where this adorable couple found each other in 2015. Williams also took the opportunity and shared this happy week with her followers by posting a video on Instagram, in which she lay on the bed with her dog Chip at L’Albereta Relais & Chateaux. This video was the most impressive one and Serena wrote, “What an insane room I stayed in. I got to look at the stars from my bed at night!! This week has been a dream!”.

Alexis also posted some beautiful scenic shots from Venice, captioning, “Venezia made a great first impression on the family. We’ll certainly be back!”

The couple shared a lot of memories with us on Instagram where they can be seen sipping wine, wandering the streets of Italy, enjoying each other’s company or be absorbed in the views from a gondola.

This is not the first time Alexis has shown such a wonderful and lovely gesture. Remember, back in February he bought four billboards just so he could declare his love, “Greatest Momma of All Time”.

The couple really seems to be enjoying each others company, and they are so in love. The pictures and the romantic gestures are the proof of it all. I hope nothing but the best for the couple and wish that happiness never leaves their doorstep.