Seven Stages of a Marriage If You Have Survived The 3rd, You Are The Best Couple.


Marriage! What does that mean to you? Marriage is a relationship that can mean different things to different people. Some may say that being together is the happiest thing on earth. While some find it as ‘bearing a burden of a lifetime.’  Whatever the circumstances, one does have to go through some ups and downs in his or her marriage.

Marriage is not all about living in happy moments. Being together through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for better and for worse. That’s what we wow for. It is a journey where we discover our partner and discover the way we live together.

Look at the seven stages of marriage below and find out which stage you are in.

Stage 1. Passionate Love

The first stage is filled with intense romance and passionate love for each other predominates everything. This stage makes the couple bond more physically than emotionally. In this stage, we only seem to see the good things of the partner, with love on the top of the list.

A strong and significant stage

This stage involves being madly in love with each other, where one becomes comfortable with the physical aspects of love. Making extraordinary promises don’t seem irrational or foolish. This stage is very foundational to a long-lasting marriage.

Stage 2. Realization

This is the stage when all the sugarcoating seems to disappear. You realize that certain habits of your partner annoy you and the things that would make you excited would gradually turn ugly.

Conflicts happen

Conflicts arise when you don’t like certain things in each other. Many couples start to bicker and fight at this stage. However, this is a challenging state where one must accept each other under all circumstances. If you take your differences as a pivot to resolve issues rather than to separate, you will make the most out of it. One must have respect and acceptance towards each other. This stage will form the base of your life ahead.

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Stage 3 – Rebellion

When a couple starts to miss their pre-marriage lives, it means that they are not happy with each other. This is a very tough stage for a couple to get through. In this stage, partners think that it is better to be off alone than to be together. Sticking together is key during this harsh period.

Battles are a part of life, learn from them

seven stages of marriage and find out which stage you are in

“I am right, and you are wrong”, is what you will say (or hear) if you are at this stage. Fights happen even between the lovers, but, that is not a reason to hate each other but, to realize that there is negativity in the relationship which needs to be fixed. Try to channel your anger in a positive way so that your partner recognizes that things need to be rectified. Listen to each other and don’t let yourself get carried away so much.

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Stage 4 – Cooperation

seven stages of marriage and find out which stage you are in

The honeymoon stage won’t last for long. Things lose their sheen after a while. A couple needs to find new things to invest in. Finding happiness in little things like helping each other in the simplest of tasks or helping each other plan things. In this stage, most couples start being more responsible in their life. Buying a new house, or having kids is only possible when a couple cooperates in each aspect.

Baby, we have a baby!

In this stage, a couple of intuitively likes to be more responsible for their family. You tend to work hard not just for yourself, but, to your kids and your partner as well. This stage is a very challenging one as the couple invests in things like carrier, house or kids which will prevail for the rest of their lives.

Stage 5 – Reunion

This is a stage when a couple starts to love each other once again in a new light, You have triumphed, and the worst is over. You have become great friends. Looking at each other will not bring any bitterness, but, a sense of achievement.

Peace and Happiness

By this stage, you have reached your middle age. Midlife crisis is not uncommon at this stage. With age, new challenges start to arise. You need to redefine your future once again.

Stage 6 – Explosion

seven stages of marriage and find out which stage you are in

When life hits 50, new frustrations emerge. Life-changing events like retirement, loss of a job, kids leaving you or health or financial issues appear out of the blue.

Dealing with life’s challenges

seven stages of marriage and find out which stage you are in

Having dealt with stage three, you know very well how to deal with this stage as well. You fix the problems together. This stage makes you face any storm with ease.

Stage 7 – Completion

seven stages of marriage and find out which stage you are in

The only thing this stage bothers a couple is the ‘time’. Reaching this stage means enormous love and support for each other. This completes the marriage. Now, hearts have become one. Both the partners have got immersed in each other souls.

Living in the present, not the past.

seven stages of marriage and find out which stage you are in

A stage when you become the kid you were when you first fell in love. The only thing that arises from a couple in this stage is laughter, sharing the success of life with their kids and possibly grandkids.

Only the purest love, respect and support for each other will make its way to the end.

I wish you a happy married life ahead!