Writing activities is not an easy thing to do, both formal and informal. But anyone can certainly write well if he can describe his ideas regularly and directed. The tutorial that I want to convey here is an idea about the stages of writing a good essay that I have learned, especially if the writing you want to make is formal essay writing. Even so, in my opinion, the writing stages that I will describe below will still be useful for any form of writing so that our writing can be better understood by readers. For most students, the ability to write essays is very important and this is a parameter of testing by the campus on the real ability of students to translate all the knowledge they have to real solutions to a problem. But not all students have the talent to write, that is why in certain situations, they need writing services. If you are one of them, you can buy essays online easily.

Here are some important things to know when it comes time to write your essay:

A good essay usually consists of 3 parts of writing, 1. Introduction; 2. Body of the essay; 3. Closing / conclusion.

Write an introductory paragraph

In the introduction, it can usually be written in only one paragraph about the ideas/topics that we want to write for the essay, followed by sentences that contain supporting ideas from the topic as a framework leading to the paragraphs of the contents so that readers can know the topics they will read and what supporting ideas they will read in the next paragraphs so that they finally feel interested in continuing to read the essay until it runs out.

Essay body

The main paragraphs (body of the essay) depend on supporting ideas that have been conveyed by the author in the introductory paragraph. For example, the topic of the essay is about the type of students at the time of the exam and the content paragraphs can be the types of these students, which I then write out in each type in each paragraph in detail. If there are 3 types of students, then there are at least 3 paragraphs of content. It is in the content paragraph that the writer will develop supporting ideas that have previously been presented in the form of a framework in the introductory paragraph.

Writing Concluding Paragraphs / Conclusions

Closing paragraphs are sufficiently written in one paragraph containing conclusions of the things that have been written. Usually, in the closing paragraphs, there will be a repetition of a short paragraph content framework, so that the reader is reminded of what he has read in the previous paragraphs and this is very important for the writer because surely an author hopes that his readers can remember his writing well. Thus the essay writing tutorial that I can convey. Hopefully, it can help. Thank you for your time and just start writing!