Gentlemen who are conscious in style recognize the influence of the most subtle and simplest of accessories. From an elegant suit to a sleek belt, the simple finishes that contribute to your fashion are what makes it complete and unlike any other.

Likewise, there are a lot of smart wristwatch vogues for men with particular purposes and events in mind. It is essential to understand how and where to wear your timepiece collection, as well as how to style it to augment and enhance your overall appearance.

Whether you are into classic-looking watches, sports watches, smartwatches, or watches with digital displays, there’s still a rule you need to follow to complete your overall look. Moreover, confidence should still be your best and prime wear to a winning style.

Which Wrist Should You Wear Your Watch?

You need to wear a timepiece on the opposite wrist of your dominant hand due to practical reasons. The idea behind this approach of wearing a wristwatch on the non-dominant side is for the person to adjust the crown of the timepiece using his dominant hand efficiently and quickly.

Since you only use your non-dominant hand occasionally, this method also minimizes the chance of damaging your timepiece over typical activities.

On the other hand, lefties need to adapt to this because wearing a timepiece on the right wrist can make it harder for them. Why? It is because pushers and crowns are both on the right side of several wristwatches, plus it would look slightly awkward.

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How Should You Wear Your Wristwatch?

When you are standing with both hands down, your shirt cuff must cover most of your arm but not your wristwatch. The method of not covering your timepiece should also be the same when wearing long sleeves, casual shirts.

Additionally, always remember not to wear your wristwatch over your shirt cuff. This suggestion may seem unimportant, but some people do it, and they might influence you to wear your watch the same way as they do, so please, do not.

For a shirt to hide the most majority of your timepiece when your arms are down, your wristwatch needs to fit on your wrist properly. If the strap of your watch is loose, then your wristwatch will hang below the shirt cuff awkwardly.

Also, when the strap of your watch is too small, then your wristwatch will likely hinder the blood circulation in your arm. So, if you cannot find the proper balance on the notch system on the wristwatch strap, then you might need to visit an expert to adjust or refit your timepiece strap.

Furthermore, the size of your wristwatch matters for another purpose, as well. You would not need to overshadow the size of your forearm or hand.

For men, the usual size of a watch case range from 34mm to 52mm. So, the ideal wristwatch size for you will depend on the size of your wrist and should not be a decision of style or trend.

If you are not sure about your wrist size, then a safe approach would be opting for a size between 38mm and 42mm, especially when wearing a dress watch together with a suit.

As for the spot to wear a timepiece on your wrist, it must remain at the tip of the ulna or your wrist bone. A reliable sign that you chose a big watch face is if the case will sit on top of your ulna. If this scenario happens, then the watch can cause physical discomfort as you wear it.

When Should You Wear a Digital Watch

According to fashion experts, men should only wear a digital watch with casual attire strictly. That approach suggests casual wear, exercise, or unwinding in a relaxing shirt and sneakers.

When Should You Wear an Aviator Watch

Aviators are an excellent multi-purpose timepiece. Although originally intended for active use, it looks appropriate for casual hangouts, travel, and city wear. Plus, if you bought an aviator that has a sleek design, then you can try it with your formal attire.

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When Should You Wear a Dive Watch or Sports Watch

You can never pair dive watches with suits, according to experts. It is because the bulky appearance of a diving wristwatch does not complement the sleek lines of suits.

On the other hand, a lot of sports watches are stylish enough to pair with smart-casual or become an elegant accessory. Also, some timepieces of this variant are utterly satisfactory for shopping, travel, office wear, as well as dinner dates.

When Should You Wear a Field Watch

A field watch will serve you satisfactorily in demanding situations such as hiking, or sports, due to its tough design. Also, it can be an everyday accessory for your casual wear.

Field timepieces look sharp, clean, and hard-wearing, which makes it exceptional with shirt and jeans. For as long as you do not wear field wristwatches with a black-tie outfit, then you will always look ready to go.

The Timepiece That Looks Great With Everything: A Dress Watch

If you are planning on owning a single timepiece, then a dress watch is ideal for you. The elegance of a dress watch is its adaptability, and it is as excellent with jeans as it is with suits.

Dress watches are best, particularly when you are trying to make an impression. This particular timepiece possesses a smooth, yet striking look, which can promote sophistication to your appearance.

Some places and times need a particular style of a wristwatch, particularly if you are a person who engages in plenty of business meetings.

On the other hand, if a suit and tie are not your usual field, is it still possible to own one timepiece that can work with everything? Without a doubt, the answer to that question is yes, because a dress watch has that kind of versatility.

Dress watches are both versatile and stylish. While it is your go-to wristwatch for formal events such as job interviews, weddings, or romantic dinners, it can also work well with a casual shirt and jeans outfit.

So, if you are only going to wear a single timepiece, make sure to purchase a pricey, yet excellent dress watch.

To Conclude

Wearing a timepiece properly and precisely is not an easy task because comfort always matters. So, make sure that you’ll apply the basics to wearing a wristwatch properly for you to generate an exceptional first impression.