Easy And Not So Healthy Shower Habits That We Should Better Forget About


Shower habits-We all have some of our routines for which we wonder what can go wrong during the shower. Am I right after this? The fact is when you bath you are with the full plan to know that your entire body is going to wet soon that is underwater and hence we use the different types of soaps and the scrubs that might damage our skin.

Well, when we plan to take a bath under the shower, our whole body is prone to water, and the direct effects may even make our skin worse. Well, we all considering showering to be simple and straightforward. But are very rarely pretending that the things might be harmful and which of the habits might be good to have or not.

We are here to find out the few mistakes that many people make on their daily basis and also we will prefer to share them with you.

The time when you wash your face under the shower.

Shower habits you'd better forget about forever

This is one of the common shower habits that you should forget now. You feel it be convenient to wash your face when you take a shower but I think it is not much good for you. About 75% of the people who make a shower wash their face with hot water, and it is generally the higher temperature that you use to wash your face. Your skin is very much sensitive especially when the time comes to think of removing your look with the lukewarm water that will not harm you.

Not washing your feet.

The way you wash your body except the feet seems unnecessary as you are standing right in the water when you take a shower. The issue here is that it is the misconception that the wet does not automatically mean cleaning. Our feet also get into the stuff with the sweat when it comes to cleaning. They are doing a big job for us, and hence you need to bend down and give a good wash to them. They need it.

Not replacing the loofah regularly.

It is a well-known fact that the mold loves warm and wet conditions and it is precisely what we have in the showers. Hence, if you use the same one for the months and the years, then it is very goofing and there are the chances that you are already sharing it with the mold. If your eyes cannot predict it, then it does not mean that it is not a fact. You need to wash your loofah after every use. Also, after removing, they need to be cleaned and hence hang them somewhere so that air can dry it. Replace the old ones within a month.

Using the soap dish.

If you plan to use the bar soap, then you need to check it that where you are keeping it. The built-in soap dishes are not better choices for the same reason as above. Bacteria’s and fungi grow in them. A wire of soap dish or the one with spikes are the much better options you can make. And also with that, your soap will not get soggy which is the big bonus point for you.

Using the liquid scented soaps.

It is for sure that the liquid scented soap smell very nice, but it is not good for the sensitive skin. There are many chemicals present in the liquid scented soap which may even cause a lot of irritation especially the fragrances. If your skin is dry then using the liquids which are fragrance-free can make a lot of difference. The other best option is for using the bar without fragrance, coloring, or the other harmful ingredients.

Using the old razors.

We all have some good and bad habits, and here we are going to discuss the dangerous practice of using the old razors until they become useless for us. Like those bars and the loofahs, the blades also need a new life. It will worsen the situation if you use the old razors. You might get some tiny cuts which may hurt you. It can be small for you but the bigger one for those growing molds between the blades on your razors.