Signs reveal that you are a lazy or genius


Signs of a genius-Can you differentiate a brilliant mind from the rest of the crowd? People with high IQ have ordinary hobbies, tend to consume alcohol a lot and might do drugs too. They remain virgins also for a very long time. So did your thinking of spotting the genius change a bit?

Let’s look at the signs of a genius

Signs of a genius

What qualities do they possess? How can you spot them? Geniuses are creative, and they are a complex of mental and active opportunities. So many questions right?

Credit: Pixabay

So how can we determine the signs of a genius from the rest of the crowd? Can we cultivate a genius within ourselves?  They are incredible in every way, and their characters that feature the genius in someone is:

  1. They speak for themselves. This improves concentration and right decisions.Credit: Freepik
  2. They don’t have a large circle of friends. They socialize with fewer people so that they have time for their stuff.
  3. They seem to be stagnant although it isn’t true. A lot of ideas come to their mind, so they spend time thinking about all that.Credit: Pixabay
  4. They don’t have too many things tied up. They concentrate more on the essentials.
  5. They have a mess around often. They have time for greater things in life.
  6. You would find them draw random doodles on a sheet of paper.Credit: Pixabay
  7. In their opinion, they have somethings which are more important to do. So they eat decidedly less seldom.
  8. Their preference lies in delegating tasks to people around. You are a leader that way.
  9. They have their ways of doing everything faster. Why waste time?
  10. They sleep way too much. It is indeed good for your brain to rest.