Are you looking for some signs to find out whether a girl loves you or not? Then you have come to the right place! You can find out just that by observing some signs. Now it is possible for you to know what is exactly going on in a girl’s mind and whether she loves you. We have mentioned 11 best signs through which one can find that out. Look at these signs and try to observe them in your girl:

1) Try to observe her pupils
Have you ever heard this fact that the size of your pupil increases considerably when you look at the person you love? Yes, this is indeed true.If a girl loves you, the size of her pupil automatically increases when she looks at you. This is because oxytocin is released and results in this reaction.

2) Observe the position of her legs.
To be clear, let me tell you that If the girl likes you, she will sit in a firm or restricted position with her legs joined. This is because she’ll feel nervous when you are with her. But if she doesn’t like you then she will sit casually without any restriction.

3) If she tries to get close to you.
Undoubtedly, this is quite a clear sign of loving someone. If she starts sitting closer to you and you notice a change in her behavior then it is a direct sign that she loves you.

4) If she stares you
If she loves you and wishes to be your girl, then she will not be able to take her eyes off of you! She will stare you without letting you know.

5) Observe her hands and face
Try to observe her hands and her facial expressions whenever she is around you or with you. A person always feels nervous when he/she is with the person that they love. Try to look for the signs of nervousness.

6) She will try to imitate you
If she does that, it is a direct indicator of her love for you. She definitely loves you and wants to know more about you!

7) Observe her toe movement
You may, surprisingly, even observe her toes because there’s also a sign down there!If she loves you, then she will definitely move her toes constantly to seek your attention.

8) If she is conscious about her looks
To leave a good impression on you, she will make sure that she looks her best always! So she will recheck and correct her look quite often.

9) If she checks herself in the mirror often
If she uses her mirror quite often when you are with her, this might be to recheck herself, again and again, to make sure she looks her best. If that’s the case, she’s in love with you!

10) Hand movements speak a lot!
If she likes you, she will feel nervous when you are around. Her hands will then work accordingly. Try to observe the movement of her hands.

11) If she is playful with her hair.
Try to observe if she plays with her hair often. If she loves you, she will try to gain your attention by playing with her hair in different ways.