Find out what the shape of your feet reveals about your personality!



There are multiple ways of finding out more about yourself and your personality traits.Reading horoscopes through articles, palm lines and face are some of them. But, did you know that the shape of your feet can also reveal some interesting facts related to your personality? Yes! You heard it right. The shape, size, & position of your feet tell a lot about you. Just find out the shape of your feet from the ones listed below and find out some facts about your personality!

1) The Square Foot
This is known as the Peasant foot. Here, all the toes of identical length. If you have such feet, you are very cautious in nature. While taking a decision, you give much thought to it and then only reach to some conclusion.You are very practical in nature.

2) The Greek Foot
This is known as a flame foot. Here, the second toe is longer as compared to the first toe. You are very passionate about things and are a kind of motivating personality. You are a good leader.

3) The Roman Foot
You are an extrovert and outgoing person. Your personality is charismatic. You are very kind and have a well-balanced in life. You are capable of making friends very easily. You are an excellent listener and very courageous.