Eyebrow Mistakes Which You Should Avoid!


Eyebrows are often neglected, but it is one of the most prominent features of our face. It gives a definition to our face and thus it becomes very important to have perfect eyebrows. Every girl desire for a fuller, thick and perfectly shaped eyebrow. A small mistake whole eyebrow and hence ruin your face. We bring to you some common eyebrow mistake which you might be making-

Over-Widening the Eyebrow Gap

It is unnecessary to pluck your hair just where the eyebrow starts. Plucking hair present at the inner corner results in widening the gap between your both eyebrows and gives it an unnatural look. Use a thin makeup brush to get the better finish.

Matching Your Eyebrows Color to Your Hair Color

It is not necessary that color of your eyebrow should be same as the color of your hair unless you have black hair. However, both of them should complement each other.  If you dye your hair with some different shade, then you can dye your eyebrow brown which will look good with any color.

Ignoring the Natural Arch


Women do not realize the importance of their eyebrow’s natural arch. A high arched eyebrow looks unnatural and dramatic. Only your natural eyebrows enhance your looks. Choose the shape which goes well with your natural arch.