Check Out The 9 Signs That Tell The Man, The Woman Is Interested In Him


Signs woman is interested in you-Women are smarter than the men. They attract the men towards themselves. It was the ancient fact that “The man is a hunter and the woman is a prey.” Nowadays, the men get attracted towards the women because of their various features.

We are going to tell you such features which shows that the women are interested in the men and men get attracted towards the women.

Signs woman is interested in you

1. Always smile

signs woman is interested in you

It has scientifically proven that men love smiling women more than the women who look confident and sincere.  You send the man a signal when you smile. It means that you are happy and you can also him happy. Moreover, there would be any single person who refuses such an offer. So always smile and even when you are talking on the phone with him. This way you can sense some one’s mood even from a distance.

2. Show your interest in him

Like the woman, the man also likes when someone is interested in them. When you are with the man, ask him about his favourites, hobbies, likings, and dislikings. Look into his eyes and ask him more questions about the topic which he talks about the most. If you do not understand about anything, then do not hesitate and ask him directly. Just be kind to him and ask a question in the better way.

3. Ask him for the help

Create such situations where the man can feel strong with you. You can ask the man for little help. To ask him to fix anything in your home is not the better way to get his help. For, e.g., you can ask him to move anything at your home or to check the noise in your car. This way the man feels good. Ans show him that you like him so that you chose him for the help.

4. Thank the man nicely for your help

If you ask the man for the help and he is ready is the hint that he is interested in you. Moreover, to give a compliment to the man is very important. Give him the best compliment for the help he is doing for you. Be elegant do not be gratitude. Gratitude is the way of flirting.

5. You should help the man to feel the same for you

Let your man knows that you feel safe with him. Tell him that he is the only one with whom she feels secure. It is the natural quality of the man to protect the woman. You should let him know that you like him.

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6. Ask directly for anything to him

You should not ask anything to him indirectly. If you want to spend time with him, then ask him directly. Ask him for the movie does not matter which movie is there in the movie theatre. The worst thing can happen if he says no to you.

7. Be consistent with your behaviour

You should adopt one way of behaviour when you talk to a man. However, it hardly happens. The girls’ mood gets changed very frequently, and the opposite sex feels nervous.

8. You should not try to become his friend

Sometimes, girls start behaving like a friend when they draw man’s attention towards them. The girls start listening to the stories about other girls, how they think about other girls and give advice to the men and ask them for the help. If you are interested in the men, and you want to be his partner then do not let to build the friendship. You should be clear about your emotions and behave with him like a partner not as a friend.

9. Use your main tool: The Eyes

The girls’ eyes are the main tool that let the man knows that the girl interested in him. The girls’ eyes look ordinary who do not care about the man. Those eyes do not express any emotions. Man understand by those eyes and lose the hope. You should squint your eyes a little bit when you ask a question from a man. It will seem like you are examining him and looks like you are interested in him.