Basic Mistakes That Almost All Of Us Make During Our Trips


Travel mistakes your making-We are not the professional travellers, so we always make some mistakes while travelling during our trips.

So we offer you to learn from your mistakes that you usually make during your trips.

Travel mistakes your making

1. To save the money, they stay on the outskirts

Travel mistakes your making

Sometimes it can be comfortable if you stay on the outskirts. However, the whole money will be spent on the travelling every day if you stay in the outskirts. I recommend you to stay in the middle of the place where you visit for your trip. You can walk around exciting places if you stay in the downtown.

2. You pay for the things that you can get for free

Instead of choosing and paying for the tour, visit these websites for free walking tours. This website connects you with the local people of that country who love their place and are ready to show the tourists their places for free. The benefit of this website is that the locals take you the places to visit which only they know. Such sites are:

  • Couchsurfing
  • Campinmygarden

3. You do not pay attention to user’s reviews

If the tourists do not read the reviews or they read a few reviews, is the mistake made by tourists? Most of the tourists read the reviews of the hotels, but they forget to read the reviews of the sights. The reviews of the views reveal some fantastic lifehacks. The reviews will tell you how to find the best more cheaply.

We thank the reviews of the food items with the photos. In the reviews, you might be able to see the places and the food items that how they look.

Some websites and apps can help you to see the reviews with photos:

  • Tripadvisor
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp

4. You take much luggage with you

When you start packing your stuff, it becomes so much at the end of packing. Moreover, when you need to go, then you realise that some of the things that you have packed are not necessary.

You should not take more sets of clothes with you, as you do not wear a new set of clothes every day. So always pack the things that can go together to wear them.

5. You take only cash or only credit card with you

It’s the big mistake that most of the tourists make. You should never take only cash or only credit card with you. If you lost your credit card or your bank block your card at any time then what will you do there. Always take minimum credit cards with you. Moreover, inform your bank in advance that you are going abroad.

You should take cash along with a couple of credit cards.

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6. You feel scared to talk with the strangers

When we travel with other people, we are closed off to make more friends at the local and other tourists. We think that we will not meet them again then why to make them friends.

It’s the only time to make friends in the other countries. So don’t feel shy and make more friends there.

7. You try to see everything and run

We plan our vacation as we have to visit the place and have to see all the things around it. Moreover, we run from one place to the other to make all visits. So I recommend you never to rush. Visit the sites slowly and walk slowly and enjoy the weather of that place.

8. You travel in the high season

The tourists’ crowd can spoil the whole view. So plan your vacation at such place which is a least popular season, and tourists are going their homes back.

9. You do not buy tickets online

The waiting lines sometimes can be extraordinary big for some famous places. However, the people who already have the ticket can enter and exit from the separate door. So always try to buy the ticket online.

10. You make a mistake with souvenirs

There are two kinds of people. The one is who buy ugly souvenirs, and the others regret not buying anything at all. The people should visit the flea market where you can get exclusive things at low prices.