Simple and easy to do hairstyles


Easy to do hairstyles-Getting up and getting ready for work, or dinner, or a date, or a casual hangout, usually leaves us with a huge question – how to do my hair?

And then comes the point where we start procrastinating, as we know that even if we want to try a new hairstyle, who would go through those long ways and efforts to make your hair look nice just for a casual night out? But what if I tell you that you won’t have to make those efforts, or that it won’t even take half the time you thought it would, in coming up with a decent, albeit beautiful hairstyle?

Yes, that’s precisely what I’m going to tell you. Here’s a list of those hairstyles which you can take up and which won’t take much time or effort on your part to look as lovely and as beautiful as they do in the end. Here we go.

1. Tuck and cover

This style will look beautiful on those who have at least shoulder length of hair, or longer than that. It is straightforward to do, and all it needs is one stretchy headband. To get this hairstyle, the proper steps for how to do it are given here :

Here are the best easy to do hairstyles

Simple and easy to do hairstyles

2. Ponytail for work

A beautiful upgraded version of the usual ponytail, this style is exquisite and very easy to make. It creates two ponytails. Firstly, finger through your upper layer of the hair and make a small ponytail on the Crown of your head. Then take the rest of your hair and form a medium or high ponytail. Now put the little pony over the usual one. There you go!

3. Easiest curls

It won’t take emote than 5 minutes to get curls. Yes, I’m not kidding! All you have to do is, take an elastic band, and tie your hair in a high ponytail. Then divide your hair into two sections. Take one section and wrap it around a curling wand. After curling it, pin it up and do the same with the other section of the hair. Pin it up too and open all the pins only once the hair cools down. This helps the curls stay longer and shinier.

4. Twisted Halo

In this hairstyle,  firstly you twist one side of your hair and pin it at the back of your head. After that, take hair from the other side of our head, twist it and bring it to the back of your head. Then pin it over the first twisted part of the hair. All elegant and beautiful, ready!

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5. Twisted waves

In this hairstyle, firstly dampen your hair. After that twist your hair in different sections and pin them up. Then take every section and blow dry them hard, but just enough so that you don’t burn your hair. After that, finger through your hair, settle them out, and twisted waves are ready.

6. Double twisted pony

Another style that can make your hair look elegant and nice is the double twisted pony. All you have to do is divide your hair into two sections. Then tie them up in a low knot. After that, again take the two sections and tie them up too, in a second knot. Take a rubber band or string to tie your hair from below the second knot. Then take a strand of hair and cover it with the band, if you want. Ready!

7. Side braided pony

In this, first of all, you have to French braid one side of your hair, starting right from the hairline, to the end. Secure it with a string or band. After that, gather all the remaining hair, make a ponytail, and then fasten it again with a rubber band or a string. Then take a sliver of your hair, wrap it around the hair tie, to conceal it and then pin it up. Simple!

8. Headband tuck

This hairstyle is best for times when you feel lazy and are unwilling to spend time on your hair (that’s me all the time though! ). All you have to do is take a hair band, put it on your head, then grab the remaining hair, distribute it into sections, for convenience,  and start tucking it under the hair band. Doesn’t take time or efforts and gives you a stylish hairstyle in no time.

9. Fishtail Braid

Known for their beautiful and look, the fishtail braid might look like it’s difficult to do, but in reality, that is so not the case. First of all, fluff your hair properly so that it gives that voluminous look. Then, toss your hair and bring it on your left shoulder. After that, start braiding small sections and bring the outside of each section inward and then crossing over to the other side. Keep doing this until the time you reach the ends. There you go! All set.

10. Easy twist ponytail

This one’s for all my lazy but smart sisters out there!  All you have to do is divide your hair into two sections. Then tie a sturdy knot with them, and use a Bobby pin to attach the knot to your hair. That’s it! Voila!

That’s it for today! Hope you guys like the article. The most important of it all is that you take good care of your hair, that’s all that matters. Any hairstyle will suit you if you have good quality hair. Use organic, avoid chemicals. See you guys around, till then try these hairstyles and tell me all about it – you like it, or do you love it, or you are entirely in love with them. Take care,  goodbye, good day!