Slay This Summer With Neon Peach Hair!


We all can admit that unicorn hair has become too mainstream. Social media has been bombarded with images of unicorn hairstyle. Even though we love the pastels streeks, it is not worth it as you can find one in every corner. You might look for an alternative and you can give a rest to your search as we have found one for you- Neon Peach Hair. It is bold and trend of this summer. So let us look at some variations of this shade.

1. This new hue will make you glow

The pink undertones give it a fairytale look. It is my favorite variation of the shade.

2. A lot of the neon peach buzz is a brainchild of Jessica Jewel. 

Simply stunning! Isn’t it?

3. Try this fire haircut 

you cant say no to this hairstyle as it looks like the fire emoji.

4. Apt for peach lover

This haircut will bring me eternal joy. You can’t deny it either!

5. Mix different shades of Pulp Riot Neon Electric Dyes to achieve the perfect color

I’m Stunned by this look. It is created with Lava, Lemon and Cupid.

6. This color is mesmerizing!

It will look good on any girl. You just need the confidence to pull it off.