Ayla Chaglar, a Turkish mom, and her 3-year-old daughter, Stefani, have lots of fun with fruits and vegetable.They don’t just enjoy eating it, but it is completely normal for them to pose with it.  Ayla positions a piece of fruit, vegetables or flowers in such a way that they appear like Stefani’s dresses and skirts.Her perception has taken the internet by the storm, and they have become most loved mother-daughter duo of the social media. Ayla has over 42k followers on Instagram who eagerly anticipate to seen little Stefani enjoying herself while posing for her mommy!

Check out some of her most loved photographs:

1. Parsley dress

2. Little ballerina with her rose dress!

3. Never thought that cauliflower could be an amazing dress!

4. Posing in flower dress while wearing mommy’s high heels.

5. She seems cheerful in her new watermelon dress.

6. Posing with grace and self-confidence in her floral gown!

7. Look at her pleated skirt!

8. Her precious smile.

9. A bow makes her look cuter

10. Simply Elegant!

11. Love for red!

12. Her cool banana jumpsuit!

13. Another banana dress. She is delighted!

14. Ready for a ball dance!

15. She is amiable even in retro!

16. This dress must have taken a lot of work!

17. Ready to slay the summers!

18. Black seems to be her color.

19. Corriander dresses are her absolute favorite!

20. How can we not love this ice cream mermaid!



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