Check Out Some In-Flight Meals From Airlines Around The Globe


Airline Foods From Around The World

1. The food of Aeromexico is not at all bad as they give us fresh sandwiches and we can bet that the sandwiches are not robust to cook. And in reality, they need not prepare. They are the best.

Airline Foods From Around The World

2. In the Air Canda flight, the food in the below picture is for the economic class passengers as their breakfast. Again we can say that it is not bad. But you need to make sure that you are not sleeping when the food arrives otherwise they will give you late and you will feel hungry.

3. It is the food for the passengers who travel in the plane Air France. For most of the people, it is delicious to include chardonnay in the meal.

4. When you visit the frozen section of the grocery shop, then you will such kind of, and it is the food for the passengers traveling in the American Airlines who are moving to home after night shifts.

5. The food in the below photograph is for the people traveling on Hong Kong Airlines in the economic class. For your lunchtime the food is preferable, but you need to take into account the pasta that has been sitting for a few hours.

6. The food is for the passengers of Delta Airlines, but the eggs in the picture do not look to be appetizing to that extent. The fruit salad seems fresh, but according to the personal views, one may say that they can use another sausage.

7. The meal is Hello Kitty themed, and it is the best part about it. And it is giving the sign of Hello Kitty Jet plane that the plane itself name by Hello Kitty. The food is of EVA Air, a Taiwanese international airline and it is best because of its theme.

8. The meal is for breakfast, and it could be one of the best breakfast. With the meal, we can enjoy both cold and hot food. The meal is for the people traveling on Spanish Airlines, and it seems the decent one.

9. The next one is the best and healthier meal ever found in the planes. If you love to have Japanese food, then you can enjoy it probably in Japanese Airlines.

10. The next one is the morning meal of the planes from India. The best is on the Kingfisher planes. The food is decent. But if you have the allergy from peanuts, then it is your bad luck that you cannot eat the dessert.

11. It is right on the part of Lufthansa that they are serving the delicious food in their planes. German Airlines do not help the meal which is the plastic wrap or microwavable. Instead, they provide a meal like came from the restaurant.

12. The food of TransAsia Airways seems the best one. The food is perfectly baked, and the fruits seem fresh to me. The meal is going to be light and healthy which is the best one to satisfy someone.

13. It is hard to trust any airplane meal that are having eggs, but the food in the below picture does not look that bad. And for this meal, we would like to give the top marks for Turkish Airlines.

14. Vietnam airlines provide the fruit juice along with some bread and the watermelon and apple along with the pudding. There are some vegetables in the meal which makes them healthy and tasty to taste.

15. The Virgin Atlantic meal does not look overly appetizing to me. Pasta meals are good for the travelers because of its filling, but still, it does not seem right to taste in the microwave. The food is of British Airlines who serve a dumpling that looks somewhat soggy.

16. The Drukair meal looks pretty good. Nothing in the meal seems soggy or the undercooked one. And the food looks the fresh one. The meal is of Paro, Bhutan who takes on the health of a person.

17. The meal served on Korean Air seems to favor the veggies. Rice is not too good but still all over the food looks right.  


These were the delicious airline foods from around the world