Some Best Uses Of Coffee Instead Of Just Drinking It


Some Best Uses Of Coffee Instead Of Just Drinking It

Hand deodoriser

Some Best Uses Of Coffee Instead Of Just Drinking It

The smell of the fresh coffee is very magical. Nobody can resist smelling it. Every time you pass by the coffee shop, you always love to have the smell of sweet and recent brewed coffee.

But have you ever thought that coffee is also for the hand deodoriser? You can use the coffee grounds for the removal of foul smell from your hands. Many people do not like the smell of onions and garlic fro their hands, and so they can go for washing hands with the coffee and neutralise the effect.

Face mask

Also along with its pleasant smell, coffee is best for our skin. It has many benefits for us. They can act as the scrub and helps in removal of the dead skin. Coffee also has anti-wrinkle effects which means that it has antioxidant properties. Hence the products are best for our skin. Coffee is best to use as the face mask and grounded one is easy to apply on the face.

How to prepare the mask?

In the grounded coffee add one tablespoon of baking soda in it. Mix both the ingredients properly in the required ratio. The face mask is ready, and now you can apply them to your face. Leave your face for twenty minutes and then wash out your look with the help of warm water and hence use a moisturiser on the face after the remedy. You will get the best results in front of you.

Fridge freshener

If one day we open day we open the fridge and smell bad because of some products present in it then we feel everything must have gone wrong. But do not worry about this. We have the solution to your problem. Strong odours are bad, but coffee is beneficial to fight against the unpleasant smell and removes the foul odour. It also eliminates the bad odour from your hands.

You need to place the cup of leftover coffee in your refrigerator. As the time passes, coffee will absorb all the lousy smell, and your problem gets solved.

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Anti-cellulite remedy

It is true that our major anti-cellulite creams are having one ingredient in common. That is caffeine. But when we go and buy such products, they seem expensive to us. But the coffee is readily available in our home and so why not we should make the best use of it?

You can go for your self-made anti-cellulite cream with the help of coffee. In the coconut oil, you need to mix the leftover coffee. Apply the mixture of coffee on the affected area and then massage your face in the circular motion for few minutes. After some time wash off your look with the help of water.

In addition to the solution of the problem, you can also recycle the coffee.

Flea removal

It is some weird to think that the dog can also get benefits from the coffee grounds. Coffee is the best ingredient to keep the parasites away from the body of the dogs. Here is the DIY treatment for the removal of blood-sucking parasites from the shape of the dog.

You need to rub the leftover coffee on the body of the dog after it has taken a bath. It will prevent your dog from smelling like those wet dogs. Now you will have the dog that will feel like the coffee. He will smell good enough now.

Hair treatment

Coffee also has the number of beauty uses. You can also use coffee for the treatment of your hair. The caffeine present has a lot of benefits as it prevents the hair damage and hair fall. Also, it makes your hair look glossy. It makes your hair feel nourished and also stimulates the hair growth.

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You can also use coffee as the hair care product. Brew the coffee in such a way that it should cover all your hair. Let the coffee cool down and then apply to your hair and also massage the hair in the circular motion. After twenty minutes rinse your hair with the help of water. This DIY treatment is must for once in the week.